Add some abnormal to set up these games can make your computer kneeling barcarolle

By , November 16, 2017 4:52 pm

Adding some "abnormal" settings to these games can make your computer kneel on the ground which games can make the most powerful PC also yield? Here is the list of the most popular PC games. The author of each game has done a test, test conditions for a GTX 1080 graphics card, with a dominant frequency 4.2GHz i7-6800K processor, using 2560×1440 resolution, and (* in most cases) the highest quality. Compared the possible absolute strongest hardware and settings, this is certainly a concession, but 4K resolution will usually weaken the performance of half, you will soon find out, which means that almost all games are not up to 60 fps. The author gives the average frame rate and the top 97% of the minimum number of frames, and test each game settings. * for certain games, certain features (such as SSAA or even MSAA) are too high to be able to open. For example, SSAA is equivalent to the number of pixels will be doubled or 3 times. "Crysis" (Crysis, 2007) engine: CryEngine resolution 2560×1440, the default picture "very high", 4 times anti aliasing: 7233 FPS (average minimum) "to run" Crysis "?" With the stringent requirements of the test configuration high-end models is not the island crisis initiative, but it was the topic of the year has continued. The $20 billion supercomputer is really fast…… But can you run the island crisis? "Large pixel collider" very quickly, but can run the island crisis? You can always ask. I found the dusty years of the game, now want to use the hardware configuration to try its operating results. I think this will be a good performance, but whether the driver, Window 10 is the game itself, seemed to turn a blind eye to 9 years. Even today, "island crisis" still be "hardware killer" of the title, open all the effects after still struggling, in the test platform on average only 60 frames, often fall far below the 60 level. In 2007, the highest quality requirements to run "island crisis" is not too much, but there is no possible — then not what configuration in full effect under the condition of close to 60 fps. Where is the problem? "Island crisis" pioneered the use of a variety of advanced rendering technology, is one of the earliest in the market using DirectX 10 games. The new algorithm combines with the new API, pushing the technology frontier forward, beyond the capabilities of the hardware at that time. At the same time, the game is not satisfactory optimization. "Island crisis: warheads" and "island crisis 2" on the hardware requirements have concessions (relative to the market at that time), but did not lag behind others. At the same time, the current hardware configuration in the "island crisis 3" (2013) in front of it (in my test configuration score of 6447). However, these are not a sequel, can cause such a huge pressure on the issue at the time of hardware. "Killer" (Hi.相关的主题文章:

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