About The Big Year-demonophobia

By , July 24, 2018 1:15 pm

Humanities Since I am a Rabbit in the Chinese horoscope, this is my year or my animal or big year. Wearing red underwear or underpants with a red belt is China’s folk cultured habits and customs of exorcising evil spirits and getting lucky. Whats so called animal year or big year? For instance, you were born in 1983. According to the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, the year 1983 belongs to pig year, thats to say pig year is your big year. And Twelve years a reincarnation which means that every 12 years later (1995, 2007, and 2019) will be your big year. About the big year saying, its dated from the Western Han Dynasty in Chinese history206 B.C.-A.D. 24Ways of exorcising evil spirits and getting lucky at each place are different from each other in the big year. Also with various decorations such as Red shawl, red pendant, glove, scarf, red circle, red collar, red high heels beside the general red underwear, shorts and red sashes. The main purposes are all the same for exorcising evil spirits and getting lucky. Chinese people advocate red color and strongly consider it as the color of life. Now you should understand why they stick Spring Festival couplets, red paper-cut and hanging red lanterns. Zhouyi is a classic book of China. According to its Yin-Yang theory, red color belongs to yang which is just like the sun. Wherever the sun goes, dark and evil will be exterminated. From the point of view of Numerology scientist, the big years belongs to Yin. The simplest way of adjusting bad luck will be making use of red color. Red is a lucky and cherry. Thats why I like Chinese wedding, which the main tone of the whole wedding is red; this is also Chinese represent pleased spirit traditionally of color. So no matter theres evil spirit or not, people are willing to buy traditional red products at their big year with good wishes Why Chinese people are fear of their big year? Are they affected by the traditional culture of Numerology theory? But people did not find so much discourse analysis in Numerology theory books. If you consider this is a kind of feudalistic superstition, people actually met something strange or going against. The book About the big yearof Liu Xinwu said from the aspect of psychological development, the big year usually like a threshold which Constitute a dangerous period. Perception of the big year are with various opinions, it’s hard to judge right or wrong. But the phenomenon of "the big year" is, indeed an outline in folklore studies. Most Chinese people are with the attitude of "would believe its existing rather than not, and conform to the trend. Wearing red clothes or red belt is not only to exorcise evil" but also more of fashion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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