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By , April 19, 2018 2:59 am

A year at school is the best gift for children! Sohu has a mother and child education, so that children become children, so that they grow up slowly. Long Yingtai in the "children, you slowly," a book, described a dream like beautiful scene, every time I think of that scene, will feel warm. She wrote a only child of 5 years, with a rope tied flowers. Too many flowers, his hands are too small and long rope, the little girl would like to make a bow, fingers to go around, the knot or play up. Next, the boy’s grandmother kept calling him slowly, Long Yingtai said: "it does not matter, lady, let Iraq slowly." Long Yingtai said: I, sitting in the sun light illumination on the stone steps, looked at the clear eyes of children concentrate on doing one thing; yes, I would like to climb a lifetime, so he deliberately put the butterfly ligation is good, 5 years old with his fingers. Children you slowly, slowly. After pregnancy, the most frequently asked question is "a few months?" "When is the due date?". Many people know that the due date is September 28th, have shown little regret like, oh, night for one year. But I don’t think it’s a pity to study at night. It is generally believed that the sooner the better start learning, there are a lot of parents in the kindergarten for their children, the ability to learn more arithmetic, Pinyin as a criterion for evaluating the quality of kindergarten. I don’t agree with that. Let the children under the age of 4 began to learn math, literacy, busy class, queuing, sit, stand and listen all day, "children love playing" nature is not met, it will bring a lot of trouble, for he days after learning for example, inattention, cognitive ability. My eldest brother was three years old on the kindergarten, at the age of 6 in the first grade. He wasn’t old enough when he was in grade one, and we had a relationship for him in the morning. However, due to our own awareness is not enough, do not understand the morning, what are the drawbacks. When we realize it, we spend a lot of time and energy to correct the mistakes in our decision making. Let him go to school early, so that he should not be constrained in age by excessive constraints, a start is required reading, math and writing from the child of 3 years old, he explores the world through what way? Where to create your own imagination? He was supposed to Sahuan in nature light of heart from care, the running of the age, but you ask him in the classroom, sit on the bench to listen to the teacher, so he has to self discovery time and space? Because my son encountered various problems, so I will not let my Andy go to school early. I don’t need him to be 4 years old child’s performance at the age of 3, at the age of 4 will have the cognitive ability of 5 children, I don’t want to be too much of the early education — learn pinyin, writing, arithmetic, read — mercilessly filled childhood. I don’t need him to have a 5 year old at the age of 3.相关的主题文章:

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