A village Party Secretary of Sichuan that can apply for public rental 4 years cheated 22 million 680 homefront

By , November 14, 2017 10:02 pm

A village Party Secretary of Sichuan that can apply for public rental 4 years cheated 22 million 680 thousand yuan – Sohu news Liu Chengrong house has been built for 28 years, there has been leaking, he said "Pakistan may not engage in the house" was cheated. Surging news reporter Chen Leizhu figure now, Liu Chengrong still lives in the village of song Zhong Tan Xiang in the old house, and the Chen Yipeng in his hand for him in December 29, 2014 issued a receipt as his only hope. Liu Chengrong said that he has no illusions about low-cost housing, but I hope this receipt will help him to return the 20 thousand yuan deposit. Liu Chengrong told the surging news, in December 2014, he learned that the other relationship can apply for low rent housing in the village and a week when chatting, "when he asked me for a set, I in 1988, this is my own house hit the bricks, spent 300 yuan to build, has been for nearly 30 years. All leaks, some wall also collapsed, I wish I could get a house, he asked what procedures." In that low income households pay 20 thousand yuan will be able to apply for a low rent housing, Liu Chengrong went together the money, in December 29th, he and Zhou went to Quxian County County of a restaurant, gave Chen Yipeng the money. He said it would be his biggest overhead, "when my wife was diagnosed uterine cancer, I didn’t get cruel borrowed so much money at home, then she hung Dutch act." Chen Yipeng issued a receipt for the receipt of the Liu Chengrong, the interpretation of the money is low rent housing margin, and indicate the location of low-cost housing located in the county people’s hospital. On the back of the receipt is a copy of Chen’s ID card. Liu Chengrong said, because he did not know Chen Yipeng, pay when he deliberately left the one, so Zhou also signed on the receipt. They began to promise that March 2015 will be able to get a house, by the year of March, they said the first batch of houses are allocated to the policy of the people, we have to go back to the relationship between these households." Liu Chengrong said, later, the date of the launch of several delays, but has not been able to get the key to low-cost housing. Found the surging News survey, held Chen Yipeng issued a "low rent housing deposit receipt for people like Liu Chengrong, they are disabled, have low income households, a rural household, there are urban hukou. The case in which another victim Shu Zhongrong told the surging news, the scam began as early as 2012, she is at the end of 2012, because the grandson will go to school, one family to move into the county, after the middle of lobbying will be 10 thousand yuan to the hands of Chen Yipeng, "then more and more people find him to apply for low rent housing. Also, the margin rose from 10 thousand yuan to 30 thousand yuan." "County magistrate" Sike seal, issued a letter of commitment to win the trust of Shu Zhongrong said, although the launch time delayed, but Chen Yipeng has vowed to assure her that someone else in the county government, as long as you can pay the deposit in the low rent housing. Yang Jiahui, who lives in Quxian County county also made the same description surging news, she said, Chen can apply for low-cost housing news from the beginning of 2012 has been open".相关的主题文章:

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