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By , November 17, 2017 10:50 pm

A Tencent entrepreneurial companies, how to learn to manage the Communist Party? Sohu as a Tencent, technology start-up companies, foreign service company took the Liuyang help Tencent former senior vice president Liu Chengmin F50 Fund led angel investment. In December 2015, Liuyang help operators Beijing joint Mdt InfoTech Ltd in Beijing equity trading center legend (four boards) officially listed for trading (099341). Listed before November, the legend in the domestic industry first overseas to raise the public, introducing the parents of shareholders. For more than 30 international customers subscribe enthusiastically, raised 192%; in May 2016, the introduction of Liuyang and help upgrade, the second batch of parents shareholders play, customers, shareholders, partners three, within 1 months of the subscription period, once again raised a total of 70 times, two parents in the country and to the shareholders. About 10 of the city channel layout. External business in the development, in the interior, founder Li Junhui also contributed to a radical internal reform – while the service is to study the market, but the example of internal reform is the Communist party. The first is the personnel reform, from the traditional organization Posts paid company mode, upgrade to the working group, in addition to the Executive Committee, no longer standing working departments, personnel with the task to go. The work mode is changed, the past rely on punch to restrict employees now imprisoned, similar to the game in the clearance mode, work dismantling tasks one by one: the basic task of the publicity system, challenge system, cooperative task is bound for a combination of the three, formed a unique management model. The main part of the remuneration, according to the completion of the task, approved by the week. After the reform, the employee’s work efficiency is greatly improved, the consciousness of team work atmosphere, a lot of changes have taken place, following Li Junhui internal message to employees in the current round of adjustment, we feel: in 2016 July, we conducted a very radical adjustment, when it comes to motivation when I used the Communist Party in 1927 "adaptation of the three Bay" story to illustrate. Here again some ink, more complete narration of "Sanwan reorganization" context. In 1917, the Russian team of "communism" mode to entrepreneurial success, IPO after the founding of money, in 1919 launched a fund — the Communist International, self appointed GP, looking for deals, to recycling of N Su E, will be extended to the global business model. After a few period is absolutely free of charge for reimbursement of travel expenses of entrepreneurship training camp, the Communist International Fund found from the Chinese team has China and astrology, at the warlord, is a good time for political entrepreneurship, began to provide seed money. After hatching, in July 1921, the Communist Party of China convened, the founding team put forward the "overthrow the bourgeois regime, the reconstruction of the country by the working class," the great goal. A particular note is that a large venue, as well as the investment manager of the Communist International Fund Ma Lin. The same business model, investors will not only cast a team, so, in December 1921, has been more familiar with china.相关的主题文章:

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