A strong single 9377 dead dog Purist Thunderwrath Hyotei shock exposure shiyang

By , November 19, 2017 1:09 am

A strong single "9377" dead dog Purist Thunderwrath shock exposure hyoutei two Oriole Ming Cui Liu, you don’t have a girlfriend. Male and female rabbits, you don’t have a boyfriend. Ask how much you can worry about, you do not have a girlfriend. Lash the waves of water to flow, you still don’t have a boyfriend. No boyfriend and girlfriend? We will not bow to the evil forces full of sour love! We still have a few years of Reiki hands! Ah bah! Think what you want, in the "9377" Purist Thunderwrath firm up, have to rely on our hands and wisdom on the head! Purist Thunderwrath’s official website: "9377 Purist Thunderwrath" hyoutei shock exposure in the "9377 dead" Purist Thunderwrath, to make the equipment more of their force, that it is necessary to challenge the powerful BOSS, the game is a treasure of hyoutei a large BOSS. However, the challenge of BOSS when game player often lack of blood, hands cold, complicated with various kinds of menopause symptoms of weakness, it can do? "9377 Purist Thunderwrath" dead "9377" hyoutei shock exposure Purist Thunderwrath dead hyoutei grade 140, the total output is 15500000 points, a headache is that it is a remote attack hate guy. It’s the remote ice attack, and sometimes will trigger the freezing effect, headache again +10000. But will play the game player knows, played BOSS in "9377" in a Purist Thunderwrath method can be as easy as blowing off dust to death to wear BOSS, that is – card. "9377" the shock exposure Purist Thunderwrath hyoutei game player may ask, this guy is far from attack, so how to position? In fact, even the remote attack undead hyoutei also can be used, we do it card tricks to make blood oh. At present, the "9377 Purist Thunderwrath" BOSS dead at the ice palace hyoutei 3 layer, boss 2 layer, 4 layer three Mayan temple map refresh, map is the key card game player, so we need to be familiar with each map, finding the approximate location and find hyoutei, can let oneself not drop blood place. "9377" Purist Thunderwrath dead Hyotei shocking exposure according to observation of small, three map, the ice palace 3 layer 4 layer with the Mayan temple map of the terrain is more complex building more, you will be pulled to the local map building the hyoutei or corner that is good for. "9377" the Purist Thunderwrath exposure boss home hyoutei shock 2 map layer is relatively simple, but also not card. After the game player found Hyotei position, can be four columns at the position in the map hyoutei. A card is a secondary two Practice makes perfect., cooked, if not a card in place also don’t worry, try a few more times always skilled. "9377 Purist Thunderwrath" dead "9377" hyoutei shock exposure Purist Thunderwrath warriors return new shock struck, open game player welfare privileges, the mass of rare props will allow are renewed in the New District, the old game player situation! Honor the return now, old comrades and brothers quickly come back, we Be There Or Be Square! .相关的主题文章:

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