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By , April 16, 2018 11:23 am

A global theme park project is expected to start filling earth opened in 2020 – the Sohu news theme park earthwork padding project officially started the newspaper news (reporter Li Zewei) the concern of the global theme park has made new progress, yesterday morning, the theme park project officially started filling earthwork Park, 4 square kilometers within most of the earth will be after excavation in situ treatment of backfill, in April next year, the theme park will be a period to complete the earthwork fill pad, the first phase of the project opened in the spring of 2020. The project of Beijing world theme park and resort is located in Jinghagaosu East and northwest of the six ring road intersection Shiyuan overpass corner, north to Cao Yuan Nan Street, South Yunrui street, West to East jiukeshu Road, Rui Yi road. The project covers an area of 4 square kilometers, of which construction area of 2 million 570 thousand square meters, construction land of 325 hectares. Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Li Shixiang and other city leaders had to Tongzhou, the global theme park and other projects to promote the supervision of the situation. Li Shixiang asked the global theme park to accelerate the progress of the work, to ensure that in October this year, to fill the earth as a representative of the entire global engineering construction started. Traffic engineering related to in-depth research, combing, speed up the approval, to avoid congestion caused by the new global theme park after the park opened. Yesterday morning, Beijing world theme park project earthwork filling project groundbreaking ceremony was held, the relevant person in charge of the earthwork project is mainly for filling the scope of the theme park of 4 square kilometers, the underground excavation earthwork, responsible for miscellaneous resource units through technology, make the site a lot of miscellaneous fill in situ disposal reuse waste resource rate reached 97%. Accordingly, the vast majority of soil to backfill, then purchased soil backfill, the cushion is 1.5 meters high, the construction quantity is expected to exceed 10 million cubic meters. Due to the construction area is large, heavy dust control task, the relevant person in charge, during the construction, the site will not be exposed to earth, heavy pollution weather is not construction, vehicles without mud. April 2017 is expected to complete the first phase of the theme park earthwork pad. Photo reporter Li Zewei memory global theme park? Global theme park, including seven scenic spots, two resort hotels and a landscape water system. The project includes two theme parks, a water park, a city avenue, two parking lots, a total of seven resort hotels, a logistics area for management and service. In the spring of 2020, the opening of the first phase of the project will include a theme park, two Resort Hotel, a city avenue, a parking garage, a logistics area. In the theme park will have seven scenic, are Hollywood Avenue, Transformers base, kung fu panda, future water world, the wizarding world, small yellow Renle Jurassic adventure, earthshaking. In terms of transportation, planning and construction of Metro Line 7 East extension, Batong Line South extension two subway lines at the entrance to the project. The planning and construction of two overpass, connecting southeast six ring and six Ring Road East jinghagaosu. Through two subway lines and the two high-speed road, from the airport, railway station and the surrounding self driving tourists. Parking facilities, a.相关的主题文章:

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