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A few strokes deal with a child to have a fever, cough? – Sohu maternal and child more and more sick children in winter, nothing more than a cold fever, cough and so on, where the cough for a long time can easily lead to bronchitis, and even pneumonia. There are two strokes a small way to deal with cough and fever, the effect is particularly good, mothers can write down, if you encounter your own baby can not worry about this situation, as I said to do very simple. It is easy to have a fever the general pediatric burn 39 degrees above, it is a fact, this is because the child is the body of pure, healthy body, have a fever is righteousness and evil in the struggle, the baby is enhanced opportunity resistance. But to 39 degrees or more parents will be very anxious, immediately sent to the hospital. As the only hospital in order to solve the problem like, but in fact the experienced parents know that a hospital is to immediately if the temperature is above 39 degrees, immediately drink the red liquid, the effect is good, half an hour to an hour to bring down a fever, weakness is also to rebound. Then the hospital will require infusion, syrup generally open two days, no more than two yuan Zhang Hongtou, the money regardless of the matter, the problem is sure to rebound after infusion home, the doctor will tell you this. Second days and then infusion, perhaps two days after three days down, the parents will be relieved, that all right. But the fact is the third party to the evil alien to the pressure anymore. You even let the battle righteousness and evil no opportunity for children, in the course of time, trouble and relapse, then infusion, repeat everything. The children also suffer and suffer. Have a fever encounter this kind of situation, parents can do for their children at home, very simple, make an egg, the egg out, and then find a piece of napkin or gauze, gauze soaked or besmear above the egg, and then paste it into the forehead, then change it. You can also get a small glass or utensils like, the cup is small, the egg poured inside, with gauze wrap up the glass, and then use the cup to the child’s forehead slowly circle smear, when the egg almost finished painting basically a burning, will come back. In about half an hour general fever, the effect is very clever, do not suffer, to try it. Adults can also. There is a cough, cough is divided into cough without phlegm and cough (that is, the method for dry cough) I didn’t cough what role for phlegm cough very Emmanuel, repeatedly. The method is very simple: to buy a white radish, white radish cut must be oh, a buy back, cut the number of its own, never mind, diced, and then put the carrots in a bowl or cup can pour a few tablespoons of honey, milk vetch honey is the best. No provisions of how much, according to the amount of your carrots, two or three tablespoons of it. And then put it, do not cook oh. After four hours, radish juice came out, then use a spoon to stir the radish juice, honey and stir, then this stir the honey juice into the radish warm water, you can use the water to drink, drink three or four times a day, generally good night will cough to improve, especially.相关的主题文章:

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