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A foreign teacher in Chengdu refused to pay compensation by a foreign teacher who refused to pay compensation. A small pool is street flea market, a stall and a woman teacher: foreigners insist on paying for the Each sticks to his own stand. "dirty clothes, Granny resolutely refused. As the old man and the foreigner is good old acquaintance, foreign teacher Ma visited Li woman because stall times, forget granny put stall a little hard, want to help her. From the elderly to eat forget. Chengdu boss said: don’t dinner, help the elderly home alarm. The sick abandoned baby was abandoned two times, Chengdu old man said: This is life, to raise children. Stall selling clothes, by the old foreigner inadvertently dirty, Chengdu woman refused to pay compensation: Chinese people are not so small! They have a common name: the good guys in Chengdu are on the main street in Chengdu. There is a small flea market. Many of the citizens are there. Li Popo, 66, is also playing the stall. On the afternoon of September 27th, the American foreign teacher horse was riding a bicycle, with a bottle of red wine in his car pocket. He stopped at the Li Popo TanQian, want to take care of her. But the car red pocket accidentally dropped, spilled drinks, dirty old clothes stall…… "I’m sorry to have dirty your clothes." One teacher Ma apology, he took a few hundred dollar bills, to compensate for her. Li Popo politely refused, "a few old trousers are not worth, really do not use, Chinese people are not so small!" After a lot of humility between the two sides, Li’s mother-in-law is stubborn and sold to a pair of trousers at the price of 20 yuan. When the Huaxi metropolitan newspaper contacted Mr. Ma and Li Popo, they all said a word, "it’s just a little thing." Modesty, an apology, I would like to pay for it. I would like to pay for it for 28 days. Mr. Zhang, the enthusiastic citizen, called the hotline 96111 of West China Metropolis Daily. He said he had witnessed a positive energy event and sent several videos. In the video, a foreign man tall, pulled out a stack of hundred dollar bills from his pocket. On the other side, a small Chengdu woman was looking for a couple of wet pants and hung their pants on the side railings. The foreign man, always wanted to put the $100 bill gave her mother-in-law, but her mother always waved refused, two people Each sticks to his own stand. Mr. Zhang told reporters, foreign man is an American teacher, surnamed Ma Chinese. Mother surnamed Li, in the pool are street flea market stall, selling old clothes and other small objects. In the afternoon of September 27th, Mr. Ma stopped on the street of the upper pool on a bicycle and stopped at Li Popo booth, ready to buy some old clothes and take care of her business. When Mr. Ma was picking on the stalls, a bottle of red wine originally placed in the bicycle pocket suddenly fell on the ground, and the spilled wine polluted the clothes of Li’s mother-in-law booth. See this scene, the foreign teacher Ma side to apologize, he took a few hundred dollars, to compensate for Li Popo, but her mother refused to accept, this has been the scene in the video Each sticks to his own stand. Good teacher offered to buy all the dirty clothes on the 28 day morning, the reporter came to the Chengdu city pool street, unfortunately, Li Popo not to stall, but another man and her people, provides Li Popo on the phone. On the phone, the mother-in-law said, "it’s just a little thing." Li Popo is 66 years old. He lives near Yongfeng Road, Chengdu, and has been selling stalls for two years in the upper pool. It sells mainly some old clothes. "Before I got it in the District, now I don’t accept old goods, so I sold out the old ones." Every afternoon, she put the old clothes in a large pocket, an old baby car, take the 93 bus, came to the street on the pool stall, until 6 pm will pack up and go home. She recalled that Mr. Ma had taken care of her three business before, and bought something yesterday, picked up a water cup, two dollars, a small bowl, a dollar. But at this point, a bottle of red wine in the bike’s pocket suddenly fell off, splashed out the water, and stained the two sweaters and three men’s pants on the stall. "These five clothes are more expensive. The cardigan I accept is 20 yuan, and the trousers are 15 yuan." Li Popo said she had only 5 yuan per piece, 25 yuan for woolen sweaters and 20 yuan for pants. Dirty clothes, Ma teacher pulled out a wad of from his pocket, first out of one hundred yuan, handed it to her, said to be compensation for dirty clothes, she refused. After a while, the teacher, who had already left, returned to his stall again, and must buy all the 5 dirty clothes. Warm heart, "Chinese people are not so stingy." Mr. Ma is going to pay for the dirty clothes. Li Popo declined. "In fact, it didn’t get much. Several old clothes are small things. Chinese people are not so stingy." Li Popo family is not rich, it is the department store employees she, in the last century, early 90s Bingtui, now can get a monthly retirement pay only 1900 yuan. She had a daughter who was not in good health. When her daughter was giving her pocket money, she waved her hand. "I have a retirement wage, and I don’t want to increase the burden on dolls." Li Popo was suffering from cataract, the eye is not very good, in order not to long time stay at home and watch TV, do not want to have nothing to do, so she is busy stall. A garment of 20 yuan may be nothing to the ordinary people, but for her, it is a part of the economic source. Even so, she refused teacher Ma’s compensation. But Miss Ma is very stubborn. He finally can only promise that he can buy a dirty trousers by 20 yuan, and the rest of the compensation is not enough. Mr. Ma was a tall man, and Li Popo chose a large pair of trousers to make sure he was able to put it on, only to take 20 yuan. A mutual understanding mutual humility, a boundless Li Xiaoliang today Chengdu good, focusing is a seemingly daily but "good things". The flea market, sprinkle wine after the accident, the parties, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation, compensation for stop, deadlocked. Let a foreigner students experience a Chinese only in the "pay" or "gifts" unique with inhuman "pull push". The beautiful scene was witnessed when things are famous, feel shy, reluctant to speak. It’s really a little thing, but it’s very warm. In a sense, good things are small, and mutual benefit is better. Not have to sell the house to sell, even often has to face the dilemma of human weakness, make themselves must be either this or that, to do good, that this situation really make people unbearable. Things are good, it is a boundless. Small things have been done, good things have become smaller, there will not be so many times to test the human nature of the devil. The teacher said the teacher of foreign teachers "she confiscated my money, I felt a little uncomfortable in my heart" on the afternoon of 28 afternoon, Huaxi metropolis newspaper reporter also contacted the teacher of foreign teachers. He is an American and has been in Chengdu. He is now a foreign teacher at a key middle school in Chengdu. Although it is an American, but he can speak Chinese, although not very fluent, normal communication is not a problem. Referring to the inadvertent stain of the old clothes, Mr. Ma laughed and spit out a few hard words. "This is just a little thing in life." He said before that he had done similar things to help some people who were in trouble, and they were interviewed by the media. "It’s a little thing, I don’t want to say much more, please understand." In the video taken by witnesses, Mr. Ma said that the clothes sold by Li Po Po were a bit old and not easy to sell, so she really worked hard every day, so she really admired her and wanted to help her a little. "She confiscated my money, and I felt a little sick." In a reporter’s interview, Ma and Li have repeatedly mentioned a word, "this is just a little thing." But such a small thing, but the refraction of the warmth and light of society. Li Zhi Intern of Huaxi Metropolis Daily reporter Li Qin photography Zhang Lei

成都一名外教弄脏摊主衣服 太婆婉拒赔偿(图)外教提出赔偿,李婆婆拒绝了。一件小事上池正街跳蚤市场,一位地摊太婆与一名外教“相持不下”:老外坚持要赔偿弄脏的衣物,老太坚决不允。一样善意老人与老外乃“旧相识”,外教马老师曾光顾过李太婆地摊多次,只因感佩老太摆地摊辛苦,想帮她一点点。外地老人吃饭忘记付钱,成都老板说:不要饭钱,报警帮老人回家。患病弃婴被二次遗弃,成都老人说:这是生命,要将孩子养育成人。摆地摊卖衣服,被老外不小心弄脏了,成都太婆婉拒赔偿:中国人没这么小气!他们有一个共同的名字:成都好人在成都上池正街,有一个小跳蚤市场,不少市民在此摆地摊,66岁的李婆婆也在摆摊。9月27日下午,美国外教马老师骑着自行车路过,车兜里装着一瓶红酒。他在李婆婆摊前停了下来,想要照顾一下她生意。但车兜里的红酒不慎跌落,溅出的酒水,弄脏了地摊上的旧衣服……“我弄脏了你的衣服,真是对不起。”马老师一边道歉,一边掏出几张百元大钞,要赔偿给她。李婆婆婉拒了,“几条旧裤子不值钱,真的不用,中国人没有这么小气!”双方谦让多时后,李婆婆拗不过,以20元的价格,卖给了马老师一条长裤。当华西都市报记者联系到马老师和李婆婆时,他们都说了一句话,“这只是件小事”。谦让一个道歉愿赔 一个连连婉拒28日上午,热心市民章先生主动给华西都市报热线96111打来电话,说他目击了一件充满正能量的事情,并传来了几段视频。视频中,一位身材高大的外国男士,从裤兜里掏出一叠百元大钞。另一边,一位身材矮小的成都太婆,正在打理几条被打湿的长裤,把裤子都晾在旁边的栏杆上。这位外国男士,一直想把百元钞票塞给婆婆,但婆婆一直摆手拒绝,两人相持不下。章先生告诉记者,外国男士其实是一位美国外教,中文名姓马。婆婆姓李,在上池正街跳蚤市场摆地摊,卖旧衣服等小物件。9月27日下午,马老师骑着一辆自行车路过上池正街,在李婆婆摊位前停了下来,准备买点旧衣服,照顾一下她的生意。正当马老师在地摊上挑选时,原本放在自行车车兜里的一瓶红酒,突然掉在了地上,溅出来的酒水,弄脏了李婆婆地摊上的几件衣物。见此情景,外教马老师一边道歉,一边掏出几张百元钞票,想赔偿给李婆婆,但婆婆不肯接受,这才有了视频中相持不下的那一幕。善意外教提出要买所有弄脏衣物28日上午,记者也来到成都市上池正街,不巧的是,李婆婆没有来摆摊,但另一位大爷和她相熟,提供了李婆婆的电话。拨通电话,婆婆接连说,“这只是件小事”。李婆婆今年66岁,住在成都永丰路附近,在上池正街摆摊已经有两年,主要是卖一些旧衣服,“都是之前我在小区里收的,现在我不收旧货了,把原来的卖完就好啦。”每天下午,她把旧衣服装在一个大口袋里,用一辆旧婴儿车载着,乘坐93路公交,来到上池正街摆摊,直到晚上6点才会收摊回家。她回忆,马老师之前照顾过她三次生意,昨天又来买东西,挑好了一个水杯,两元钱;一个小碗,一元钱。但此时,自行车车兜里的一瓶红酒,突然掉了下来,溅出来的酒水,弄脏了地摊上的两件羊毛衫和三条男裤。“这五件衣服都比较贵,羊毛衫我收的是20元一件,裤子收的是15元。”李婆婆说,每件她只加5元钱,羊毛衫卖25元,裤子卖20元。弄脏衣服后,马老师从裤兜里掏出一叠钞票,先抽出了一百元,递给了她,说要赔偿弄脏的衣服,被她拒绝了。过了一会儿,本来已经离开的马老师,又折返回摊位前,一定要把弄脏的5件衣服全部买走。暖心“中国人没有这么小气”马老师要赔偿,要买走脏衣服,李婆婆都婉拒了,“其实也没得啥子嘛,几件旧衣服是小事情,中国人没有这么小气。”李婆婆家庭条件并不富裕,本来是百货公司员工的她,在上世纪90年代早早病退,如今一个月能领到的退休工资,也只有1900元。她有一个女儿,身体不太好,每次女儿要给她塞零用钱时,她也是摆摆手,“我有退休工资,不想给娃娃增加负担。”李婆婆患有白内障,眼睛不太好,为了不长时间待在家里看电视,也不想没事干,所以她才张罗着摆地摊。一件衣服20元钱,对常人来说也许不算什么,但对她来说,却是一部分经济来源。即使如此,她还是拒绝了马老师的赔偿。但马老师很是执拗,李婆婆最后只能答应,让他以20元的价格,买走一条弄脏了的长裤,“其余赔偿就算了罢,不要说了。”马老师身材高大,李婆婆特别选了一条大号的裤子,确定他能穿上,才收下了20元钱。短评互谅互谦,积善无边□李晓亮今儿“成都好人”,聚焦的是一对看起来再日常不过的“好人小事”。跳蚤市场,洒酒意外后,买卖双方,互谅互让,赔偿止损,僵持不下 。生生让一个老外经历了一种中国只有在“买单”或“收礼”时特有的充满人味儿的“拉扯推搡”。美好一幕被目击传颂,当事者却不好意思,不愿多讲。这真的是一件小事,却格外温暖人心。某种意义上说,好事儿都小,互惠互利则更好。若非得卖房子卖地,甚至每每都要直面人性弱点,做出非此即彼两难抉择,必须毫不利己才能行善,那这样的情形着实让人不堪。小事儿都好,则积善无边。小事儿都做好了,好事儿都变小了,就不会有那么多考验人性的魔鬼时刻。当事者说外教马老师“她没收我的钱,我心里有点不舒服”28日下午,华西都市报记者也联系到外教马老师。他是美国人,已在成都安家,目前在成都一所重点中学任外教。虽然是美国人,但他可以说中文,虽然算不上很流利,正常交流并没有问题。提到不小心弄脏旧衣服这事儿,马老师笑了笑,吐出几个生硬的词汇,“这只是一件生活中的小事情。”他说,此前他也做过类似的事情,帮助一些有困难的人,也被媒体采访过,“真是件小事情,不想再多说了,请理解。”在目击者拍摄的视频中,马老师说,李婆婆卖的衣服有点旧,不好卖,她天天这样辛苦摆摊,真的佩服她,想帮助她一点点,“她没收我的钱,我心里有点不舒服。”在记者的采访中,马老师和李婆婆不约而同都反复提到一句话,“这只是件小事”。但这样的小事,却折射出社会的温暖和光明。华西都市报记者李智 实习生李琴 摄影张磊相关的主题文章:

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