A Anqing company accounts for 4 million 750 thousand flying a lot of windfall; return to the o-sugus

By , April 17, 2018 8:59 am

A Anqing company accounts for 4 million 750 thousand   flying a lot of windfall; return to the other party – Anhui channel people.com.cn — according to the Xin’an evening news, a little carelessness, more than 475 yuan large sums of money to another account on the wrong moment, this can be frightened by a Beijing company financial personnel. Fortunately, the payee I Anqing company did not "take" money, but promised not least money. Yesterday morning 11 am, Anqing City Public Security Bureau in the Central Road police station of the witness, the payee will refund the money to the company account in Beijing. The company accounts windfall for September 30th at 4 pm, Anqing city 100 years Home Furnishing fine decoration limited company to Yujing, suddenly received a strange phone number in Beijing, the other on the phone said, mistakenly 475 yuan transferred to the "hundred years Home Furnishing" account. Zhu Yujing told reporters, just received a phone call, she thought it was a liar, and later to a Anqing branch of China Merchants Bank check, the original is really so so much money be negligent, exchange. After the query to the "hundred years Home Furnishing" account is Beijing e-cars Technical Service Co., Ltd., the company referred to as "foreign e-drive". Since the incident second days into the National Day holiday, many businesses can not handle, more than 475 yuan of money had to temporarily lay in "one hundred years of Home Furnishing" on bank account. A lot of return to the other party in October 8th at 9:30 pm, "E-Drive" Anhui branch Wang entrusted to Anqing, have also brought false pay proof material Beijing billion heart to business license, for Automobile Technology Development Services Company Limited issued by the bank. In Anqing City Public Security Bureau police station in front of the central road witnessed yesterday morning 11 am, more than $475 finally turned a lot of points to the heart of Beijing billion line of automotive technology development services co.. See the company’s money recovered, Wang has repeatedly said at the same time, want to ask "a hundred years Home Furnishing" company staff meal, also declined. "The money is wrong, they must be very worried." Zhu Yujing told reporters that the money is supposed to others, is only the financial officers sometimes be negligent mistake ", anxious people are anxious, we also want to return money as soon as possible." Transfer convenience but to be careful then what is the reason, let the heart of Beijing billion line should be Auto Technology Development Service Co. The reporter learned that, before the two companies have business dealings, so e-generation driving, online banking transactions within the "hundred years Home Furnishing company account, transfer accounting oversight turned the wrong. Bank staff to remind the public that the use of online banking turn the wrong account, should immediately call the bank customer service hotline, to take timely remedial measures; if not timely notice, after the alarm or seek legal assistance, the banks can only provide online bank transfer records as evidence, the Justice Department issued a decision until after the notice to take account freezing measures. In addition, when the public transfers in the use of online banking and other electronic channels, should repeatedly confirm each other’s number, name and other information, the initial contact with online banking customers should read the instructions carefully before use, or to the silver)相关的主题文章:

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