8 word dial seemingly but actually no intention of the Chinese wind-tsumori chisato

By , April 16, 2018 10:24 pm

The 8 dials have seemingly unintentional China wind actually lead: a watch dial design is the most love to do, although 8 dials are rare, but every time I see will make people feel a Chinese taste of the wind. In fact, this kind of dial design is more concerned with the built-in movement mechanism, which seems to have no intention of actually Chinese wind design is impressive. 8 words 8 words about the dial dial, the first thought is the Chinese yakedeluo and the deep roots of the brand, 8 word design has become a symbol of the brand, two dial dial in is stacked, a display hours and minutes, another second, looks like China digital "8". Yakedeluo Watch Company (Montres Jaquet Droz) CEO Nicholas · G· Hayek (Nicolas G. Hayek) yakedeluo large second hand deep black enamel enamel carved gold limited edition yakedeluo yakedeluo explained that the second big label brand, "the number 8 is magic and Luo Jacques de table auspicious number one of the most important plant in a certain it China culture degree, and also the same." It took 8 words that face plate, one is affected by technical limitations (power transmission device and different gear structure), two also coincided with the Chinese pronunciation is similar to "hair" that rich auspicious 8 fit, in addition to highlighting the gems or precious enamel plate. Did not think this is now gradually evolved into the most classic label brand — simple and symmetrical structure, without end, 8 has become a highly respected yakedeluo lucky numbers. 8 dial is not unique to Jacques de Ronaldo, many brands have launched a "8" in the style of the watch dial. F.P.JOURNE Tourbillon 30 Anniversary Limited Edition watch F.P.JOURNE Chronomè tre Optimum    F.P.JOURNE  lasu glashutte PanoMaticLuna eccentric Ladies Watch Chronoswiss table lunar Sirius off new era jump Chanel Watch Fair in Basel this year launched a grand Monsieur de Chanel men’s watch, you look like a dial "8"? Monsieur de Chanel men’s Watch相关的主题文章:

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