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By , April 19, 2018 3:00 am

8 reasons to tell you why Apple iPhone 7 is not worth buying! IPhone 7 has a 8 reason not worth buying Phoenix Technology News Beijing time on September 8th morning, apple officially released iPhone 7 and 7 Plus two new mobile phone, priced at 5388 yuan and 6388 yuan, listed in September 16th, I believe you will soon be able to use the iPhone 6S girlfriend. But in the eyes of Android users, iPhone7 7 Plus still has no reason to buy 8. One reason: to cancel the 3.5mm iPhone 7 3.5mm headset headset interface 3.5mm interface headset hole to cancel this standard has been used for decades in the short term, will inevitably lead to a large number of canceled headset can not be used directly, and you can’t insert the headset to listen to music videos at the same time for charging the mobile phone, it will cause the user antipathy. Although the Android camp, as the 2 generation of super mobile phone series and recently released Moto Z also removed the 3.5mm headphone hole, but after all, it is a handful. At present, 3.5mm headset standards can be said everywhere, compatibility is good. Apple wants to cancel it, forcing you to use Bluetooth headset, or to find the adapter does not see it forced the thought of ignorant, embarrassing. Reason two: the camera is still convex iPhone 7 remove the 3.5mm headphone interface, this generation of iPhone Plus 77 What thinner, So? Whether single or dual rear camera camera lens, still fiery boils like bulge. There are also many people on the market so that patients suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder Android phone, but the same, the lens is also a lot of flat selection, such as the same post dual photo HUAWEI P9. Reason three: double camera choose Android more and then talk about the dual camera, apple iPhone 7 has its own originality, is a normal lens, an optical zoom lens, they can help you to shoot two videos and photos in real time. HUAWEI P9 but the camp has long been, playing early children have HTC One M8, glory 6 Plus, the recent listing of LG G5, HUAWEI P9, red rice Pro, etc.. Want to rely on this double photo selling suck powder, iPhone 7 Plus is not poke in the user’s g-spot. Reason four: iOS Android some early Apple released Android 6 in June this year after the end of the WWDC Apple Developers Conference, the industry has a voice is so evaluation of iOS 10 of the. IOS 10 slide into the camera interface, in fact, the iOS 10 regardless of the lock screen interface, or notification bar, and even harassing phone intercept, play is the rest of the Android system play. As for the iMessage expression package, more intelligent but still few people using Siri and so on, it is neither painful nor itching upgrade. The application system can remove and cannot be deleted nor what eggs, because Android phone to ROOT, if not ROOT, now mobile phone pre installed application most able to uninstall, because Android is an open system, the iOS 10 is still closed. Reason five)相关的主题文章:

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