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By , June 14, 2018 3:22 pm

Arts-and-Entertainment Among different type of great parties, jean party is one of them. For the entertainment of eleven to thirteen years old girls this party deserved to be thrown. There’s a bit of tomboy in every lass that bubbles with joy at the suggestion of a "Jean" party. In our neighborhood jean parties are the popular Friday night entertainment for the eleven-to-thirteen-year-old girls. Kristen’s party was typical. Kristen invited her crowd for supper, and for the jean crowd, believe it or not, that means wieners and buns, potato chips, dill pickles, baked beans and spaghetti; favorite dishes of the jeanites. As Kristen’s mother said, "Those youngsters would eat that food every night, if they were at a party." If the moon is bright, Kristen says, the crowd likes nothing better than an old-fashioned game of "Hide and Seek." Just in case some of the girls might be inclined to wander too far away, thereby getting out of hand, there are strict rules requiring the girls to hide only in and around Kristen’s yard. For the ordinary get-together party nothing is considered more fun than quizzes and guessing contests. One of the popular games is "Guess It." Divide the girls into teams of four and seat them around a card table. The leader of each team leaves the room with the hostess. The leaders are told to return to their tables and draw something. It may be a picture of Betsy Ross at work on the first flag or any other subject the leaders may decide upon. If the leaders have no artistic ability so much the funnier. The object of the game is for the girls at each table to guess just what it is their leader is drawing. The table finishing first is the winner. Another popular stunt at Kristen’s party was a musical spell down. The girls divided into two groups and stood facing each other. Kristen acted as pronouncer by playing snatches of tunes at the piano. If the first girl at the head of the line could not name the tune being played she sat down. Then the girl at the head of the line opposite took her chance, and so on down the two lines. The last one to stand was the winner. "Jay-walking" is a good jean-party game. The girls line up in two teams of equal numbers and the first one on each team is given a cane (a yardstick will do). She rests her forehead on her hands on the cane handle, keeps her eyes on the floor, while she circles the cane six times. When she finishes the sixth round she walks to the opposite end of the room, touches a designated spot on the wall, then goes back to the starting point and yields the cane to the next contestant in line. This doesn’t sound exciting, but the dizzy stagger of the contestants is very funny. Each contestant is sure he can do it without staggering. Youngsters girls likes to do something different, unusual and funny, above all at this age they likes laughing. In order to bring out all these quality of youngsters, a game like "Jay-walking", "Guess It, musical spell down is always successful in Jean party. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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