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By , June 13, 2018 10:37 pm

Reference-and-Education Technological advancement has changed the manner in which current children are taught. Early learners up to higher grades use technological material in their classrooms and many educational institutes are keen in including techno driven teachings to the curriculums. Due to this shift in teaching, educational technological support suppliers are thinking on their feet in providing the best solutions required by academics. The use of Robotics in classrooms, for early learners is one such method. They are intent on providing improved technological solutions to be integrated to learning and teachings. Robotics in the classroom is a fun method of teaching which engages the students and the teachers. It is used for subjects such as Science, Mathematics, and Literature etc. The Little Beetle in the Classroom Bee Bot is a teaching tool used in the early learning curriculum. It has been well received amongst teachers as well as students. It is a fun and exciting method of learning for early grade students. The Bee-Bot is virtually a battery operated toy that teaches direction and control and is child friendly. It teaches children sequence, how to estimate and solve problems. The Bee-Bot can record up to 40 .mands and able to move in 6 steps forward, backward, turn to the left or right in 90 angles. It beeps and flashes lights at intervals and at the .pletion of a .mand or set of .mands. Besides the Bee-Bot there are Bee-Bot games that encourages student to use their skills. Crazy Facial Animations Another tool used in learning is the Crazy Talk 7. It is an application where you can animate a photograph of your liking, be it of a friend, pet or yourself even, and feed in sound and text for facial animation. This is an ideal learning tool for beginners and teachers. It brings out the skills of story-telling and presentation of a student. With Crazy Talk you can change the eyes, teeth, lip sync audio sounds and give suitable backgrounds. It is offered in two versions, the standard and pro types. The pro version is more suited for professionals and offers a ton of features. Creating Animated, Robotic, Moving Figures with Hummingbird Kits Yet another great learning tool for kids of ages 13 onwards that can be used in Mathematics, Science, Arts, Technology and History classes is the Hummingbird Kit. While it is .patible with Mac, Windows and Linux it is used together with snap! Scratch and CREATE Lab Visual programmer software. The Hummingbird Kits consist of Duo controllers, Single and Tri-Color LEDs, Gear Motors, Adapters, USB Cables, different Sensors and much more which can be used by groups of children to create animatronics, robots and ki.ic sculptures. 3D Digital Storytelling Children develop different skills from a very young age. Developing these inbuilt talents are the responsibilities of parents and teachers. From an early age if children are encouraged to use their creativity, this would lead to a bigger platform later on in their lives. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds and there are many unique items provided to children to explore their inbuilt talents. One such item is the iClone 6. It is a digital animated storytelling technique with immediate 3D visualizations. It makes fast learning with its direct-style, content-driven interface. The Advanced version is ideal for individuals into TV production and studio work. With this tool you are able to choose a character of choice and create instantly an animation and see it in real-time. With the ki.ic system, it can be used in classrooms and allow children to portray their talents as Directors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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