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By , April 19, 2018 3:18 am

The Bucks traded rating: new aid and compatible B- rocket was converting harden and bucks deal with defender Ennis Beasley in September 23rd (the sports news exchange Tencent Kevin Pelton ESPN writer) rocket and the Bucks had completed a transaction, the striker Beasley away, for guard Taylor Ennis, this ESPN rating the deal, the Rockets got the B-, bucks by C. Rocket B- rocket with two years salary to sign Beasley in March of this year, and in the summer when his second year contract into a guaranteed contract, from this perspective, the rocket is equivalent with little cost in exchange for a first round pick (Ennis young for the first round of the 2014 eighteenth rookie, it is worth), in the upcoming training camp and the preseason, the Rockets will also see Ennis adapt to the tactics of the DAntoni system, the latter in the 2017-18 season with the team option, if Houston can choose when The climate does not suit one., he was laid off. As a small defender, Ennis was not very good shot, in entering the league, he in three from a total of only 82 shots, three point hit rate of 30.5%, from the perspective of style, Ernest is not suitable for partner harden, so for him, the best case is when the rest harden, he substitute striker Eric Gordon three partner. The Rockets need Ernest show more organizational ability, in the past two seasons, he had 5.7 assists per 36 minutes, and when he reached the basket at the end to complete the repeatedly struggling NBA scouts have suspected he did not exercise enough force to deal with the NBA challenger. Ernest but still only 22 years old, Anthony more adept at using the guard, so, Ernest is expected to break out in this system. The C- distance Middleton a hamstring tear out for six months. Less than 24 hours, the Bucks made the action, strengthen the flanking depth, on the season, Beasley played 20 games in the rocket, his performance was impressive, every 36 minutes to get a career high 25.3 points, at the same time, 53.1% of the two ball the hit rate is the highest career. The Bucks lineup, Middleton missed the team to bring the loss is not the score of creativity in the starting lineup, Barry – Parke Jia can make up for the loss of Middleton’s absence, Greg and Monroe also in the second lineup with fire. Middleton missed the team losses truly reflected in the ability to shoot, last season, he scored a team high 143 points three, the offseason, the Bucks have lost Bayles and Mayo two have three abilities while pitcher, added della Vedova and Tai Leto Vecchi, but these people are unable to compare with Middleton. Strengths of the three ball is not the same Beasley, his best season was just hit 60 three points (2010-11 season Minnesota), in a career, a Beasley three point hit rate of only 34.3%, at the same time, on the defensive end, he can replace Middleton missed the loss, so it is difficult to integrate into the Beasley..相关的主题文章:

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