Be vigilant! Which brings us home feng shui

By , April 19, 2018 3:16 am

Be vigilant! What brings us Home Furnishing Feng Shui Chu disease [Home Furnishing introduction] in Home Furnishing decoration, people pay more attention to its Feng Shui layout, because it is directly related to our health and wealth. So, for the home feng shui, how should we layout it and its Feng Shui taboos and what?. City overpass next to their own location, if not special needs, I hope not to buy a house over there. This is not only inconvenient transportation. And high speed vehicles will cause noise and spiral airflow, will produce great damage to the home feng shui. At the same time, will also have a negative impact on physical and mental health. Transmit power next to TV tower high tower and tower is very strong, some small some can also transmit power, but it will cause the electromagnetic wave of human immune function decline, cause leukemia, schizophrenia, serious will also cause a variety of cancers. How many meters away from the tower, 300 meters outside the house is generally better. Cross the road next to this crossroads if office can also, but I suggest a problem, if the towers of good cover Golden Triangle, if a bad guy became dead, unless the building. Otherwise live in this position, easy to cause stomach trouble and even stomach cancer. Best not to live next to the gas station now many cars, gas station more, maybe someone will for convenience and choose from a gas station near the location, but the oil contains a lot of harmful objects, great harm to health. Another gas station next to the vehicle parking and start noise is very large, and the noise is also Home Furnishing Fengshui shaqi. The glass curtain wall opposite the glass curtain wall will produce light pollution Meshach form, the human body is very adverse, the building can make glass decoration, now has a lot of floor will get rid of the appearance of glass curtain wall decoration, long time to accept the light pollution will affect the health, easy to have the disease of glaucoma and cataract. The master bedroom balcony and not facing sharp physics all matter is composed of molecules, the proton movement, all the objects are generated signals, generated signals have a central point, our towers must be pointed, the receiver must be round, so this position is not good. The best choice to avoid.相关的主题文章:

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