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By , April 19, 2018 3:15 am

Reproduction hemp bandit collar award! 5 million men in the scene of intense lucky lottery prize lottery, selected number, each of the tricks are not the same. In October 17th, at the Sichuan Provincial Sports Lottery Management Center, took the 5 million winning lottery lottery numbers, he chose the way too special, squat toilet, flash, eyes emerge out of the God of the number 80200. A few hours later, he decided to buy the number, and played 50 times the vote. Oh! He was lucky enough to have 5 million dollars in the gang. The lottery on the podium, has been carefully dressed. On his head, wearing a 5 cylinder body, wearing a red mask; with the color words of clothing, even all covered up. "Why are you wearing hemp bandit 5 cylinder mask appearance?" The face of the reporter’s question, he half seriously said: in 5 million, choose 5 cylinder! During the interview, the reporter felt that the lottery, a little nervous. During the interview, several times asked: almost? Just like this? Reporters noted that his winning the lottery ticket, 16:51 on October 13th, he was in Kangding County along the River Street Ganzi, No. 8, 93037 lottery sales, spent 500 yuan to 50 times the direct election lottery arranged 5. On the face, there are 5 numbers, each number are 50 times, 16280th ranked 5 in the winning number is ranked 80200 in the first, the election in the 62 note, a single injection of 100 thousand yuan prize. From the face of the figures, the lottery appears on the 0 and 6 special interest. He said that the 4 numbers behind him is the number of long-term chase, but did not succeed, let him in the jackpot, he wanted to come out on the toilet number. He also said that his inspiration is everywhere, sometimes walking on the road to the inspiration, sometimes see a river will flash. In 5 million yuan, ready to do what? He said he owed the debt, and the rest of the money is ready to start a business. What’s the trick of buying a lottery ticket? The player said, he is interested in digital, all feel. Just when the reporters speculated that he was doing well in mathematics, he said: my math scores are not good, even life is missing account. Follow the feeling, let him become a big winner this year. In September, he chose the number with the feeling, to buy gold 7 Yue in the $50 thousand. Lottery industry as the old driver, he would like to say to the friends who are: according to their own economic conditions rational betting. (Qinling Mountains Zhu Shuangyan)相关的主题文章:

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