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By , April 19, 2018 3:11 am

In addition to "eye"   what are the clues to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence — science and technology — original title: in addition to "eye" and which can search for clues to the alien, there exist only in science fiction. In reality, whether there are aliens, there are still disputes. At present, scientists found that the Milky way may exist at least 1 billion habitable planets like earth, and the universe is filled with about 2 trillion galaxies. So, from this point of view, human beings are probably not the only advanced intelligent life in the universe. So, how can the human traces, found traces of aliens? 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope has a super "eye" (FAST), September 25th in Guizhou Province, Karst Pingtang County depressions was started to receive electromagnetic waves from the depths of the universe. According to the "eye" project chief engineer and chief scientist Nan Rendong, with the help of the huge eye in the sky, researchers can interact on interstellar communication between the observation of dark matter, the determination of black hole mass, even search for possible alien civilizations. As the sky scope and human beings can scan a larger data processing ability is more and more strong, some scientists believe that, in addition to the use of a radio telescope super extra value, we can cast the net wider, looking for traces of other possible exposure to trace the aliens. So, in the end what kind of signs can be used to determine where aliens? Alien planet through the discovery of the "fingerprint"? The form of life we know is a self replicating organism that needs to be transformed into waste to gain energy for survival. As time goes by, numerous creatures will significantly change the environment around them. In the world, for example, almost all of the animals on the earth breathe in oxygen and emit carbon dioxide, while plants spend a lot of time doing the opposite. In short, as long as we live here will produce a specific gas, these are our planet’s unique biological signal. In 2018, NASA will launch the James Webb Space Telescope, which will conduct a deep scan of the earth’s atmosphere, possibly for the first time to discover the biological signals of other planets. By then, the James Webb Space Telescope will observe the movements of the planets and the way they cross the front of the main star. In these small solar eclipse occurs when the stars light will pass through the planet’s atmosphere, forming a halo. Through the spectral analysis of halo, mankind can reveal the planet’s atmosphere molecular "fingerprint". With luck, the James Webb Space Telescope may find a biological signal similar to that on earth. Of course, this is not an easy thing, the planet strange and mysterious weather, alien strange, non obvious biochemical signals, will hinder our research. And even if there is a clear sign of life in the atmosphere of a planet, it is not clear whether the planet is inhabited by green microbes, or advanced intelligent life. A more reliable way is to find only smart aliens相关的主题文章:

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