They hurt! 9 year old boy accidentally fell into a stick inserted into the lower body (video)-sexinse

By , April 19, 2018 3:06 am

They hurt! 9 year old boy accidentally fell by stick into the 9 year old Xiao Yong: live in Pengshui Luming village, every holiday sensible Xiao Yong will help parents do some farm work. But last weekend, when Xiao Yong tended sheep on the hillside fell down, but a stick into the nakedness of Xiao yong. In Pengshui County People’s Hospital, the reporter saw the injured Xiao Yong, Xiao Yong told us what happened in last weekend, because at least the autumn harvest season, Xiao Yong volunteered the mountain sheep. At that time he used his sheep while firewood knife to clean up the road, did not expect that at the foot accidentally fell, just fell over a thick thumb branches on the wood on the knife. A moment: Xiao Yong came a pain. So he quickly call for help, rushed to the cousin break branches, Xiao Yong himself inserted in the inside of the lower branches slowly pulled out. Then came to Xiao Yong parents found serious injuries, quickly sent him to the Pengshui County People’s Hospital for treatment. According to the Pengshui County People’s Hospital, four physician Wu Xue introduction, right scrotal skin when Xiao Yong admitted four cm long and soft tissue laceration, the foreskin of the penis is about one point five cm long laceration, Alice testes on the edge of the film has come off. The doctor immediately to the implementation of the emergency operation of Xiao Yong, he was on the bottom of the sawdust residue was cleared, the wound was stitched, the current Yong injury has stabilized. The doctor said Xiao Yong is unfortunate lucky, no injury to the testis, testicular if there are problems to be removed if, there is definitely influence on his future fertility. (Xu Lei Li Qincai) for further reading, not related with the 2 year old boy toy car is stuck down crying with a screwdriver to rescue fire officers and soldiers相关的主题文章:

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