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Juve shock Europe record devil home court end of sin in the embarrassed uncle? [collection] Seville Juventus 0-0 Gonzalo Higuain Gonzalo Higuain failed to cross unbeaten home court sports news September 15th Savior Tencent home court against Seville, Juventus (official data) Tucci continuation of the Champions League 17 season opener, unbeaten European competitions and 17 home court battle home court 27 home court three unbeaten record, but also lost 21 consecutive home court continuous scoring record, "slow motion" evaluation, Allegri overestimated sampaoli tactics, leading to Juve lost 2 points. After the draw with Seville, Juventus will first Champions League unbeaten until the 17 season, 17 games made 10 wins 7 flat scores, while Europe will continue to record 18 games unbeaten home court, a home court or lost 0 April 2013 2 lost to Bayern. And since August 24, 2015, Juve have been unbeaten in 27 matches at home. The continuation of home court unbeaten record are welcome, but Juve is like lost 2 points, the reason is that the Bianconeri have a clear advantage, possession rate of 56%, 16 shots 4 shots, while Seville only 3 shots. In addition to Yigua head the ball hit the crossbar, P Janic, Alex Sandro has been a good opportunity to break, the last moment inside the area by police who also nearly knocked Vasquez to create a penalty. However, after being sealed by Seville, Juventus 21 consecutive home record was also the end of the record. Why can not Juventus break? "Slow motion" pointed out that, in part because of the opponent’s tactics, in part because of bad luck, partly because of the choice of Allegri’s starting lineup. In order to curb sampaoli tactics, and chose to Lazio embarrassed uncle battle the same muscles the most creative midfielder, P Janic left the bench. Too conservative tactics led to the first half of the ball possession rate of only 43%, was not shot within a minute, Gonzalo Higuain, Baala in the first half did not even touch the opponent in the restricted area. But at the end of the storm time, Allegri chose to use for the Dibala PIA Chahar, which will hit the city of hammer Man Giulia Kikki on the bench. Sang Baoli took over the first three games of the Seville coach after suffered a series of Real Madrid (data), Basa (official data) now, Seville 3 games lost 8 balls, while in La Liga opener, Seville and Spain staged a scoring battle, the game lost 4 balls after the 4 Seville war was lost the 12 ball, lost 3 ball game. Sang Baoli has always stressed the tactical attack, closing down and the ball, the media that the tactics are too radical, not on the defensive attention, Seville President Castro sampaoli argued, "game 42 of Chile’s national soccer team coach sampaoli, 18 times zero closure opponents, and never lost the ball more than 3." Maybe it’s a lesson that Seville has defended a lot in the last 3 games. The road to the Villarreal, Seville has only 6 shots, and the opponent is only 12 times, on the weekend, Lars Palmas is only 7 shots. Enough to reflect the sampaoli tactical changes is that the campaign in Seville only 3 shot, but rely on the strong)相关的主题文章:

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