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Duguqiubai! Wenger undefeated. Ferguson also served 115 years signs visible before the eyes! Coach Wenger A Senna for 20 years, the 20 classic moments of Wenger and his invincible sports news September 30th Wenger coached the Tencent in 30 years, only in A Senna (data) is a 5 generation of a lion, but the most talked about, but the Gunners in the early twenty-first Century. 2003-2004 season 38 league games unbeaten, cross season 49 league games unbeaten, Professor A Senna has not only become the strongest array in Premier League history, renamed England become immortal, hundred years of occupation football history the greatest team now open the sparkle of. The 38 season unbeaten, cross season unbeaten in 49, Arsenal is not the signs but suddenly drop from the clouds, the historical process of its own. The starting point is the belief in "1-0", led the Gunners won 2 league champion George Graham – the old class, successor Bruce – in a season while Ozzie coached for and management of the quarrel and departure, but he introduced Bergkamp, praised the change policy attacking football, reversing the soldier factory style. After the arrival of Wenger, is from many aspects to reinvent Arsenal in 1998 and 2002, due to the double division. The summer of 2002, Wenger had shouted "season unbeaten" slogan, but in the end, Arsenal lost to Manchester United in second place. So before the start of the 2003-2004 season, the professor called the audience will interview, summed up the reasons for the absence of crown, Martin – Keown bluntly: This is your fault. You put too much pressure on us, undefeated to win the league, the pressure is too great, it is impossible." Wenger replied firmly: "I said, that’s because I think you can do it, but you really have to do it. To be the first team to make this feat would be an incredible achievement." 01-04 Arsenal perhaps this is the main lineup, inspired the Gunners officers and men. From August 15, 2003 to May 15, 2004 2-1 2-1 Everton, Leicester City, Arsenal season 38 League 26 wins, 12 unbeaten, 11 points ahead of Chelsea (data) no suspense to win the Barclays Premier league. Of course, this year is not the Arsenal at Old Trafford, but Ruud Everything is going smoothly.: last minute penalty was rejected, the dream had shattered unbeaten; against rivals Tottenham, was the first 5 minutes behind, the second half was 2 ball reversal; against Liverpool (data), half field 1-2 behind, thanks to Henry to wear a hat 4-2 win; including the final round and blue fox played, is half backward, by Henry and Vieira in the second half angry, only 2-1 victory, to avoid the tragedy of fail on the verge of success. But it is these thrilling game, Arsenal’s unbeaten gold content higher, also increasingly highlight the gunman’s cold-blooded majestic demeanor and temperament. The whole season unbeaten in the league, in the history of England football season only 1888-1889 Preston did, but at the time of the old football league with only 12 teams, 115 years later, Arsenal re albert. Count the last 2 games of the 2002-2003 season, as well as the start of the 2004-2005 season unbeaten in the 9 round, the Gunners continued相关的主题文章:

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