Rooted in love — remember Shan cast a large red city of Guangyuan province Qingchuan County Sichuan-乃々果花

By , April 19, 2018 12:00 am

Rooted in love — remember Shan cast a large red city of Guangyuan province Qingchuan County Sichuan primary school teacher Wen Tianli education 14:28 on May 12, 2008, a sudden disaster of the giant earthquakes and landslides, Wen Tianli instantly realized the earthquake, immediately let the students to evacuate quickly. When shaking more and more fierce, and the roof tiles and Tianli flying continuously falling masonry, rushed into the classroom without hesitation, quickly search every classroom, gave hope to the students, with their flesh and blood desperate to protect students’ life. 40 years from start to finish in a career, what kind of feeling? Wen’s answer is: stick and care. Since 1976 to participate in the work, the children open, turn to Tianli villagers home construction concept, push the aspirations and ideas, has been rooted in Qingchuan in the north of Sichuan frontier county’s most remote villages and towns engaged in teaching work, has a full 40 years. Rooted in remote rural areas to work in rural schools, kongchuo Bao Xue is essential to work. But Wen Tianli began in September 1976 will do the teaching work and recover the children out of school arrangement, coordinate the implementation of synchronization. He took a day on the afternoon, divided into two segments, two or three km walk every day, regardless of the weather and from the thorns, side cliff wide and less than 30 cm? Rock Trail, continuous round to patrol the small Hui two teaching points to the knowledge of the rain. In a day of teaching task, he went home village, visited by the children family education policy, explain to parents, analyze the direction of social development and the needs of the future, combined with the typical side, heart, meanders, gradually wake up the importance of education, parents pay attention to children’s culture consciousness. During this period, in order to improve the degree of attention of parents for their children’s learning, he also full advance all the children’s tuition. At that time, the students a semester tuition is generally 1 to 2 yuan, while the private teacher’s monthly income is only 9 yuan, in the face of the old, life status strapped small, he just from the original salary out of this part of the cost. It can be imagined, in this decision, how much love and responsibility. Hold not to let a child out of school, let the children out of the country, to meet the world’s simple idea, Wen Tianli traveled all the clubs and pottery village production team, in its earnest persuasion and guidance, the dropout rate of the teaching point has been controlled below the standard line of policy. Along with the school layout adjustment, Wen Tianli was assigned to small classes Tao village. The school was built and the position of a river, a humble River, the village has 13 students across the open society. The non rainy season, river rippleless, fine lines clear, just like a paradise for children; and once in the flood season, it changed the usual gentle posture, instantly become turbid monstrous horror, surging up. This flood of water, the teacher has become a hidden danger. Because there is no bridge connection, in the year 4 month flooding period, as the village director teacher Wen Tianli, will lead the teachers to take Panzhihua Steel (transverse water pipe), wood, stone, a pad rope and other methods, to escort students, 20)相关的主题文章:

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