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Ping also starchaser! Zhang Jike’s fans C Ronaldo Liu Shiwen love street girl national husband idol is C Luo sina sports during the Olympic Games in Rio, Guoping two coach Liu Yueban, Kong Yueban, Zhang Jike, Malone, et al. Popular players frequently boarded the hot search list. Many girls are crying out to marry them, now all the idols will Guoping everywhere, drew bursts of fury. Do you think the fans are crazy? Of course not, in fact, you are chasing idols, in the face of their idol is not calm oh! But they played for a long time, have a strong heart, even if the inner surface can still calm rattling deer. Zhang Jike, Zhang Jike, once said that his idol was himself. If you have to say an appreciation of the people, Zhang Jike said, I like football, football is more like to see C." In addition to C Luo show skills, Zhang Jike think athletes are shared, the advantages of C Ronaldo he will go to learn. Li Xiaoxia’s favorite idol belongs to the two extreme of Li Xiaoxia. One is the sports world great coffee characters Messi and Federer, they are serious in speech and manner in the game, who exudes confidence, Li Xiaoxia said that feel only as players who can understand, they will be particularly envious. Another type of her favorite idol is yiyanbuge let people laugh a stomach ache, is representative of song Andy, Yue Yunpeng etc.. Li Xiaoxia said that as the pressure of athletes are great, look at these funny artists, will let her relax. Asked if he has not Starchaser experience, Grand Slam domineering suddenly struck, "chasing me, I also chase others why!" Liu Shiwen, the name of the name of the "fans sister" did not take the side, she said that he did not have any idols, and not like other young girls like chasing the concert to go to the concert, like Liu Shiwen. To make themselves better go, Liu Shiwen said is those who wear a beautiful, seductive street girl, she is not shy to admit that he is a beauty of the people, so usually go out to see wearing a nice girl, she can’t help but look at his eyes, if you see fit their style of dress collocation. She will learn from me. Zhou Yu is also a week of rain there is no idol idol, sometimes friends will pull him to go to the concert, though is to go, but my heart is not too happy weeks of rain, "I to the concert, what are the general, this time is not to play games in the dorm." In the film, Zhou Yu said: "escape" love, the drama actor Wentworth Miller is his love star, but also in the story, the drama of the details and other aspects of the background. He Junjie He Junjie says she does not belong to the Zhuixing people, but there is more love singer and actor. He usually listens to Eason Chan and Jay Chou. In the film, he paid more attention to the works of Stephen Chow, "although when Stephen Chow took that several classic works, I’m very small, but now the TV will broadcast, so if you have time, I will read it." Because I love works, He Junjie watching movies, also will be the first choice of Stephen Chow film)相关的主题文章:

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