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By , April 17, 2018 6:21 pm

To celebrate the birthday of the motherland 67 old Guangdong team a public defender for the national day’s old Guangdong team a public defender for the national day at sina sports news in the beautiful golden nine silvers ten season, ushered in the 67 anniversary of the founding of the motherland! For the motherland and celebrate in Guangdong, Meixian lotus spring wine company support, organized by the Guangdong people’s Stadium, Guangdong Star Football Club hosted the 2016 "Guangdong Ying Guo Lian Quan Cup" Star Football Tournament will open in the National Day period. By then, the former Guangdong team will be a full debut players. 2016 welcome national day, Guangdong lotus spring cup star football tournament will be held on October 1st, 2, 7, held in Guangdong people’s stadium. October 1st at 9:00 am, the opening ceremony of the event will be held, will be invited to the Provincial Sports Bureau, the provincial stadium and support units, business leaders, guests attended and spoke. After the opening ceremony was followed by a tournament opener by the Guangdong star football team against Guangzhou Yifeng packaging team. Guangdong star football squad in international legend: Wang Huiliang, Chi Minghua, Guo Yijun, Qu Chuliang, Hu Zhijun, Peng Weiguo, Li Yuzhan and Li Haifa, will be out. A total of three events every day, on the afternoon of the two events, exciting race closely, for rich spiritual and cultural life of the masses of sports entertainment, let the fans feast for the eyes! Comprehensive revitalization and development of football in the Chinese, improve the national physical quality, rich spiritual and cultural life, the vigorous development of the sports industry, sports power to achieve the dream of the occasion, this event will be very much better. This event, at the same time by the Meixian football club, Guangzhou one yuan Quinta Hakka rice, Guangzhou Education Bureau of Yuexiu District City, in the map view, Haiyin group in Guangdong, Polytron Technologies Inc, bright, Guangzhou geek fruit King Food Co. Ltd., Dongyuan Tourism Bureau, wide Qimao Limited by Share Ltd, Guangzhou Haite Sports Development Co. Ltd. Yi, Guangdong Oriental Investment Holding Group, Guangzhou Junyi sports prizes limited, Home Furnishing Steel-land, Guangdong Fortress Chemical Co. Ltd., Optima group Limited by Share Ltd, Home Furnishing nanmu Tianquan, such as a public enthusiastic support unit.相关的主题文章:

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