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The Reds legend Pogba weapon Manchester United: poor performance Mourinho strain array [collection] Manchester 0-1 Hanfu Faye Nord Ibrahimovic replaced the achievements Pogba poor state Tencent sports news September 17th to create a world record transfer fee to return to Old Trafford after the 4 War Pogba surrendered 0 goals and 0 assists against the transcripts (data) and Manchester city of Faye Nord’s performance it is disappointing, the former Liverpool defender Carragher Mourinho (data) for weapon. Carragher pointed out that now is not the time to make judgments, even when not to panic, but it is clear that in the past week, Mourinho must solve the bogeba problem. Pogba’s performance at Manchester City Derby is like a kid playing football on campus. He was crazy on the pitch, with no tactical thinking or discipline, and never in his place. Thursday in the UEFA Cup against Faye Nord, Mourinho will shape into 433, but again, Manchester United once again lost, and Pogba was again subdued. As the game went on, he looked more and more annoyed. Manchester United to Juventus (website data) Tucci paid a world record transfer fee for the bogeba returned to Old Trafford, but this is not to let him go to copy Messi, C Ronaldo and Baer magic show, but I hope he became a midfielder, omnipotent hero. Pogba’s three Premier template is the most dominant midfield players: Gerrard, Lampard, Yaya Toure, they will score goals and assists, helping the team win, and to win the trophy. The problem is that if the three players to play for Mourinho bogeba scheduled position, will be in trouble. For example, when Lampard played well in the three midfield tactics of Mourinho and in the back of the game, there was a charge of protection at the back of the game in the hands of the player, who was in charge of the protection of the side of the game, with the exception of the fact that he played well in the field of. Gerrard played back in Liverpool, but in 2006 2009, was named the best player of the year, Gerrard played the midfield or No. 10, Haman, Alonso and Mascherano (data) is that he can do whatever they want in the midfield. Once adapted to the Premiership, yayatoure always have good performance, however, he also repeatedly let Manchester City line open, like Pogba this seven days of performance. Pogba does not comply with the tactical discipline and David Silva de bruyne, in stark contrast, they never forgot his position. Mourinho did not love his team played him again will not be allowed to have a ready pen, a similar situation. Pogba can run at Juve, this is because of Pirlo and Marchisio in the protection and guidance to him, but when I saw he was disappointed in the tournament, he seems to be more interested in dribbling breakthrough. I never see him break the ball or to close down the opposition. What should Mourinho do? He now uses 4231 lineup, whether in Manchester or in the French national team, Pogba does not adapt to this formation. If to play the 433, it will affect the current can play 10 bit mkhitaryan and Rooney. But a coach should adjust to adapt to the formation of a player? If they paid 90 million pounds to sign one相关的主题文章:

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