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By , April 17, 2018 8:59 am

The education company show cheating candidates to pay tens of thousands of yuan can buy through the examination room known as "the best in all the land of the national judicial examination examination ended today, Jiangsu adopted a wireless signal shielding, brush face recognition and anti cheating measures. In fact, as long as the scale of the national examination, are facing the threat of cheating. Nantong police lasted more than 7 months, successfully cracked a large inter provincial organization exam cheating case, 64 suspects were hiding in Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu and other 5 provinces and 9 cities of all, as many as more than and 500 people involved candidates. It is reported that the country’s public security organs cracked the first complete test of the black industry chain contains a test case, the case is about to be sentenced. Nangong Yangzi Evening News correspondent reporter Yu Yingjie Xuan media education company show cheating experience last February, the high officer with the Nantong Public Security Bureau network security detachment found illegal help test criminal Hemou, opened a company called "Nantong Parkson Education Consulting Co. Ltd." website, openly boasted of cheating crime experience. He said in here to sign up to participate in the examination, there will be "by the high rate of". The ad hoc group soon confirmed, Hemou ready in September of that year’s national construction qualification (hereinafter referred to as "a building" in "a big exam)". At the end of August last year, the ad hoc group for further investigation, he frequently fled in the domestic provinces and cities, looking for the "build" exam questions, finally in Hubei Wuhan contact with Wang, agreed to buy the examination papers to. Subsequently, Hemou and Shandong sunshine Zhou, Chen et al Suzhou planning, collective investment to buy questions and organize gunmen". The high officer said, "what a few master ten downline agents," a building "cheating activities, mostly through lower level agents’ enrollment." It is reported that he also arranged under a strict, Gang development and modification of wireless transmission, APP mobile phone software, rice headset cheating equipment. When it is the evidence of Nantong City Public Security Bureau relevant responsible person said that since last September 16th, the Bureau of more than 100 police officers deployed 8 zhuabu, network security also sent command. Police smashed the glass door with sunshine for the arrest of the police said that the case "Mastermind" Hemou in love was excellent training school, but the entire building is only one of import and export and equipped with monitoring, once the action is easy to act rashly and alert the enemy. Orders to, more than 30 police rushed to the closed glass door. The front of a police punch glass door, glass door was open a big hole, the police also blood spatter. "We are building a person has discovered that if the delay of 35 minutes, the suspect can put the scene evidence completely wiped out, so that all his fist." In this way, all the suspects were all arrested, he had tried to destroy your computer, but by uniformed police on the spot. So arrogant VIP examination candidates to pay tens of thousands of dollars were paid off almost all ad hoc group responsible person said, Hemou prepared four programs: the first set is to let the students wear rice headset, pass the answer by voice. The second is to build a network server, candidates to carry the receiver, using wireless signals to transmit the answer. The third is to allow candidates to bring the phone into the examination room, the chain相关的主题文章:

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