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In 80s he was addicted to plastic money do a funeral insurance public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! According to Taiwan media reported on October 31st, in 80s, a British band "dead or alive chorus" (Dead orAlive), singer Peter Burns (PeteBurns) in 23 days because of the unfortunate died of a heart attack, at the age of 57, not to see his new album coming out. In 80s Peter Burns flees the red when the head was large, with long wavy hair, wearing a thick set sexy sexy metallic leather peerless beauty, androgyny, and other unspeakable enchanting impressive, but later he became addicted to plastic surgery, before moving about over 300 times a knife the transformation of their own face, let her become exaggerated and difficult to identify. Because of this, he almost put themselves in the past earn money in the plastic surgery, had already bankruptcy debt, now the family can’t afford his funeral expenses, but George said the boy was willing to help, not only reduced to misery after death is not a way to do the funeral. In 1980s Peter Burns became popular before, began to move his life for the first time the plastic surgery, then simply move the nose; but in his 1985 song "YouSpin MeRound" for overnight explosion of red, he began to "make only superficial changes", in 2010 when the respondents said they regularly hit the skin, botulinum just as people undergoing plastic surgery, periodically re decoration not what is the difference between home, "the transformation of my face just like buying a new sofa." However, Peter Burns experienced a failure of lip surgery in 2004, serious to even consider the doctor to remove his lips, and he spent millions of dollars for 18 months in the subsequent reconstruction surgery on the lips, almost exhausted all his savings to save his face, but later in 2009, he was the the medical accident awarded 450 thousand euros (about 3 million 330 thousand yuan), slightly ease the tight economic situation. (Peter Burns had a failed lip surgery, not only the lips almost was removed, also took 18 months to recover, the subsequent changes a lot of reconstructive surgery. However, in these 1 million) after the hand, Peter Burns but more zouhuorumo addicted to plastic, the huge indemnity all light and bankruptcy to the court in December 2014 April 2015, when he was traced out of his residence even in London apartment, also carrying the outstanding 34000 euros (about NT 1 million 200 thousand yuan of debt), before the death of a year is because of plastic and have a very poor. Therefore, in 23, Peter Burns Hussein died suddenly after a heart attack, did not leave any money to do the funeral, his ex-wife Lene (LynneCorlett) who has also revealed her own economic situation is not good, may not be able to afford her ex husband’s funeral expenses; Lene later and Peter Burns later split, and even had a short marriage before)相关的主题文章:

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