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By , April 17, 2018 8:55 am

Shanghai Tennis Masters tennis four grand master Djokovic have arrived there open the trip once a year the game today will open the draw ceremony. The day before yesterday, the world’s top Tennis Masters have arrived there, Del Botero, Tsonga, have come to Shanghai wawrinka. And a little later today, the last champion, Djokovic will be in the defending. For small German, this year’s defending journey can be described as difficult, on the one hand is to overcome their own injuries, on the other hand, the rise of new forces can not be ignored. On the same day as the four master Shanghai Shanghai Masters tennis tournament will officially open, a Tennis Masters also came to Shanghai. The day before yesterday, the world’s top players have landed in Shanghai. At the Shanghai Masters had achieved excellent results with the Argentine Del Botero wild card entry, he received a lot of Chinese fans welcome at the airport, some fans also took the Argentina national flag let him sign. The fans called him a big pineapple, one by one to meet the wishes of these fans, looks like a big pineapple mood is very good. Then, including Wawrinka, Berdych appeared in the airport, tsonga. It is worth mentioning that the Wahlin card can be said to be the candidate of this session of the Masters champion, as the new US Open champion, Stan’s momentum is very strong, but the whole five big boxes with Wawrinka came to Shanghai to pick up fans with the Wahlin card determined to stay until the last day. This came to Shanghai because of injury will not come after all is the Tsonga, in the last year, he played in Shanghai can use magic to describe him, only in the final defeat to Djokovic, he must keep the party this year, a. Small German defending pressure as a champion last year, Djokovic this year’s defending difficulty is not small. Although the old opponent Federer bid farewell to the masters of the game because of injury, but Nadal, and will appear in the future, will be the first time, but also in the first round of the game, but the game will not be the first time, but will be. Nadal is very good, his performance in Asia has been remarkable season. In addition, Marin and Rao Niki also very competitive, coupled with the previously mentioned Wawrinka, Djokovic is need to go beyond the mountain after another. Note that, with 90 players gradually mature, Djokovic also must face the challenge of the Legion of little meat. The masters, with gauffin led by a group of meat’s strength can not be underestimated. In the previous gauffin wins over and then Stanislas SIRIC, defeated Simon and a large number of famous. It can be said that the rise of emerging powers are slowly to subvert the BIG4 monopoly has long played the overall situation. Djokovic wants to complete the cause of injuries just the recovery time, the difficulty is indeed great, either mentally or physically, druids must prepare 120%. Hot news: Shanghai in October 8th to implement the unified registration of immovable property system of Shanghai District acceptance point secret most handsome Rider: carry loaded guns patrol at speeds up to 180 km of SongJiang South Railway Station, hundreds of cars were posted no single Jinting logo at the owner (Figure) Wu Jingui: why national football winger spent points相关的主题文章:

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