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By , April 17, 2018 8:55 am

The pay card is a credit card that 8 years ago was now inexplicably owed 30 yuan, tens of thousands of was living well, suddenly received a warning letter to the police report, said she suspected of credit card fraud, need to pay ten thousand yuan payment immediately. At the beginning, Ms. Yang thought met cheats, the check to the bank, this is true. Recently, working in Suzhou, Ms. Yang to the Yangtze Evening News reporter called, a reflected in her opinion, can use the "unexpected trouble" to describe. It turned out that in 2006, she went to work in Wujiang, a home from Huaian, Jiangsu Province, when the company gave them to do a bank card, payment of wages. In 2008, she resigned from the company. Because I think this pay card also need, then she went to the bank counter, will take all the balance of Cary. Who knows, this wage card is a credit card, and then withdrawals, somehow, she was taken more than 30 yuan. Over the past 8 years, interest and late fees, a total of ten thousand yuan owed to the bank. The police report warning letter: you have accumulated arrears 10996.12 yuan Party: when I thought it was a fraud, has been ignored in a residential area in Suzhou, Yangzi Evening News reporter saw Ms. Yang and her husband, mr.. To provide the bank hired Ms. Yang lawyer police report warning letter, you can see Ms. Yang was informed that she brought to the bank for a credit card, by the end of August 3, 2016, has accumulated arrears 10996.12 yuan. The warning letter said that Ms. Yang must be within 3 days after the date of this letter, the payment of the above. Otherwise it will submit a report to the public security organs. According to the relevant laws and regulations of the state, Ms. Yang has been suspected of credit card fraud, the bank has the right to her malicious overdraft action, in accordance with the law to apply to the court to freeze her in the China territory of all bank accounts, seized property and property vehicles etc.. In fact, in the middle of last year, we received several telephone arrears, let us pay back the money. At first we thought it was a scam. Because my wife told me that she never had a credit card." Mr Liu told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, until August of this year, they received a warning letter after the police report, in order to be cautious, went to the bank to verify the. The results turned out to be true. "At that time we had a." Later, they learned that, in 2006, when Ms. Yang recruits, the company gave her wage card is a credit card. "We used to think that the payroll card was a bank debit card. It has not put this pay Kadang thing, after the resignation, I returned to Huaian to go to the bank counter, the card will require all the money taken out, and then throw away, no pin card." The amount of credit card overdraft was only 1 yuan, nearly 30 yuan overdraft should the parties put forward three questions, to understand our hearts. Of course, more let Ms. Yang and Bu’s surprise, they learned in the investigation that followed, this credit card overdraft was only 1 yuan. In fact, we do not believe in the beginning of the bank. Because I had to pay the wages of the money to throw away, so I found the original together.相关的主题文章:

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