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Zhejiang provincial Party committee secretary: praise of the people, sharing bonus – Beijing Summit newspaper Hangzhou September 10th news (reporter Ying Jianyong) 10 afternoon to evening, the provincial Party Secretary, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Xia Baolong in Hangzhou to visit condolences to the public, general secretary Xi Jinping to convey the cordial concern, thanks to the general public for the special contribution made by the summit held. Encourage the people of the province to care for the general secretary of the power, make full use of the summit will bring huge opportunities and precious spiritual wealth, to "dry in reality, in the forefront, Li Yong forefront". Xia Baolong came home in the United community, visit condolences to the community residents. G20 summit held by the opportunity, the community to the existence of more than 10 years of illegal buildings demolished, after the renovation of the community environment has been significantly improved, more than 180 residents of the community to become volunteers, including the couple volunteers have a pair of 15. "We’re very proud of the G20 in Hangzhou, and we want to do something for the summit." See Xia Baolong, the residents are eager to talk with him. Xia Baolong expressed his gratitude to him, he said, the G20 summit held in Hangzhou, full of the people of Hangzhou, the province’s efforts and pay. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the summit was successfully held to give full recognition, highly praised, praised the general public in Hangzhou, the overall situation, made an important contribution to the summit. We must pass the care of the general secretary to the cadres and the masses, into the power to do their jobs, the city built more beautiful, live a better life. Xia Baolong also came to the Huarun store in the vanguard, understand the situation after the summit supply market. In the supermarket shopping environment, especially in the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, all kinds of parity moon cake a superb collection of beautiful things. Xia Baolong from time to time to ask a salesperson of commodity prices and sales, he wish everyone a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, and asked the person in charge of shopping malls, "double" approaches, carefully organize the source of goods and services to ensure that goods and good intentions, excellent service, let the people have a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and national day holiday. During the summit, West Lake city’s glittering, beautiful, "best memories in Hangzhou" wonderful performances, stunning the world, the heads of state of Hangzhou to rave reviews, Chinese and foreign tourists to Hangzhou admiration. Xia Baolong came to Zhongshan in the middle of Zhejiang, China Travel Agency, to understand the latest situation of the tourism market. The travel agency responsible person said that since September 6th, the registration to Hangzhou province and overseas tourists in a continuous line, booking volume 1.5 times more than last year. Xia Baolong asked them to continuously improve the level of service and reception capacity, make good use of the G20 summit brings tourism business opportunities, and strive to receive more Chinese and foreign tourists, enlarge the positive effect of the summit. He also asked the city of Hangzhou and the province carefully and conscientiously do a good job of Tourism Organization and coordination, and maintain the order of the tourism market, to ensure the safety of tourists comfortable. G20 summit to build innovation, vitality, linkage, inclusive of the world economy, the theme coincided with the direction of economic restructuring and upgrading in Zhejiang. Xia Baolong took this proposition to Wensli group. Wensli Group official told Xia Baolong, they produce silk products show the great charm of Hangzhou silk to foreign guests, now enterprises ushered in the opportunity hitherto unknown, these days to.相关的主题文章:

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