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Communication: "Snow Leopard conservation challenge snow leopard" Dr. eye News Agency Beijing – in October 23 Xining Xinhua News Agency: the snow leopard conservation challenge snow leopard "in the eyes of doctor reporter Luo Yunpeng" over the past 20 years, considerable progress has been made in the snow leopard protection, but there are still challenges." The 23 day is the third day of the international snow leopard, "Snow Leopard" Dr. Li Juan in an interview with News Agency reporters said that the snow leopard protection faces poaching, increased anthropogenic disturbances and climate change challenges. The 32 year old Li Juan graduated from the Peking University in conservation biology, is the first to Dr. snow leopard as the research object Chinese animal science, University of California at Berkeley is now the United States continue to engage in postdoctoral research work with snow leopard related, since 2009 in Qinghai, Sanjiang source region witnessed 10 times in the snow leopard. "It is a huge threat to the snow leopard still faces." Li Juan introduced, in some areas of Central Asia, the traditional production of hats, coats or decorative wall with the snow leopard and snow leopard; (other) leopard bones together, is used as a substitute for bones. "These traditional uses are now prohibited by law, but research shows that in recent years the products to the transformation of the snow leopard luxury trend." Wild animal International Trade Organization (TRAFFIC) recently released report shows that there are at least 4 leopards killed every week since 2008, of which 55% is for attacking livestock by retaliatory hunting and poaching is only 21% for illegal trade. From 2013 to 2015 according to press reports, at least 12 Chinese related cases by the police cracked the snow leopard, snow leopard cub, involving 3 at least 13 pieces of fur and 7 snow leopard corpse. The snow leopard is known as "high altitude ecosystem health of the barometer" that originated about 7 million years ago in the Tibetan Plateau, geographically, snow leopard only distributed in the 12 Central Asian countries including Chinese mountain area, 1996 "Chinese" red list of endangered animal species has been classified as endangered species. The eyes of Li Juan, the snow leopard distribution of human activity is increasing in the region is facing second challenges. "Snow Leopard distribution area of the natural environment is extremely poor, the population density is low, the residents mainly engaged in animal husbandry. Since the 1980s, with the rapid development of the economy, traffic improvement has also increased the human activities in these areas, such as tourism, mining and so on." Li Juan said. "Over the past few decades over grazing livestock also caused grassland degradation, further deterioration of the living conditions of the snow leopard and its prey." It is understood that the fate of China snow leopard to change in late 80s, the official has established Xinjiang Tuomuer, in the distribution area of the snow leopard in the Qilian Mountains in Gansu, Tibet and Qinghai Sanjiang Qiangtang source and a series of natural reserve. At present, Chinese has become the largest country in the world distribution of snow leopard, covering 60% of its habitat, its population of about 2000 to about 2500, located in Qinghai, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Tibet and other provinces. "Climate change is another challenge for snow leopard conservation." Li Juan’s team in the world is a collection of more than 2 thousand of the snow leopard)相关的主题文章:

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