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By , April 16, 2018 7:39 pm

The woman splashed with gasoline and burned his mistress – husband, capital of the tragedy today is the first presidential debate of the election day, brother guess scenes come as follows: basic! Mutual spray! Who afraid of who ah! Brother decided to cooperate with the current hot spots, first of all, a foreign news. Recently, the 25 year old Chinese doctoral student Fangzhou Zhou in Australia during the study in to download the pictures of the children’s pornography and pornography, AV was sentenced to one and a half years in prison in. It is alleged that the existence of these pornographic film child abuse plot, the scale of the judge or even lead to the emergence of psychological problems. This graduation photo of a good interpretation of the idiom "a beast in human clothing". Allegedly, he also searched the Internet, how to treat children will not leave evidence". Fortunately, he caught in action before the end of the case, also left, or think about him after returning home will make things for children…… Just scared. This set of foreign network monitoring means too much cattle, every minute to identify a bunch of pedophile, grasping a quasi. Why don’t we get up? How much less can the tragedy of sexually assaulting a child ah! This is really the metamorphosis from the source. Some of the great events is to stop. Recently, the Linyi campus of the Qingdao Technological University military training instructors traced to part of a girl to declare. There are instructors on one knee to tell a girl in the picture, some holding flowers that open shoulder some hug the girls walking in the campus. Yesterday, the school responded that the army and the school has launched an investigation. Military training is also more and more strict. When he was younger brother military instructors do not even contact the way to stay, said the troops have strict rules. Military training at the end of a collective car leaving a minute, do not delay, do not take a girl waved affection. Now a lot of college military training are to the so-called "military training base", who had no rank badges inside "instructors", not the regular army soldiers in the series. That ugly point is the social exclusion, by a uniform small girl who cheated first awakening interest in the opposite sex, a soldier of fortune. The little girls wake up, then two or three months of military training together to understand to what extent? It is "the sun descended from" baby, don’t be a uniformed as Song Joong Ki. But men always love in front of the girls play handsome. In September 26th, a 16 year old Russian Novosibirsk girlfriend in order to attract attention, even over the fence, trying to make their own hands fence hanging in the air, but missed accidentally from the 23 floor fall. Fortunately, he just hit the car parked in the downstairs, is currently in a stable condition of consciousness. Read a lot of Russian young people play tall suspension photos, brother always worried that they drop down, this is actually true…… However, the 23 floor fall can miraculously survived, the car is rotten people have nothing to do, brother can say? Yes, it’s a fighting race. We do not seek death or common race. The day before yesterday, Kunming Song Qi Ying Village a woman from back home, in their own hotel and found her husband unexpectedly led the mistress "moving", a car gasoline spilled to the mistress, her husband did not expect it to stop, gasoline spilled on the husband and wife two people, two people will be instantly the fire burned seriously injured. This time?相关的主题文章:

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