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By , April 16, 2018 7:37 pm

The Ministry of science and technology: the research allows college teachers and part-time salary specific measures in November 10, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of science and technology Li Meng today in response to allow researchers and teachers according to the law of moderate and part-time salary "said, the next step will be to promote a field, a Department, a unit to formulate management measures and management rules. Recently, the office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued "on the implementation in order to increase the value of knowledge for a number of opinions" oriented distribution policy, allowing researchers and teachers according to the law of moderate and part-time salary, including allowing researchers to do part-time work to obtain legal income and allows many university teachers engaged in teaching to obtain legal income. Office of the State Council held a press conference today to introduce the situation. A reporter’s question, the first line of researchers and teachers have attracted a lot of attention, they think they have the opportunity to transform their results, is a gospel. But some people expressed concern, for example, in the opinions referred to allow teachers to engage in higher education to obtain legal income. In other institutions, or is engaged in the normal teaching, have what policy guidance, or suggestions for policy docking, docking between policies in his place to have part-time and part-time teachers, open problems policy between duantoulu. Li Meng said that this document so far, the provisions of this issue are directional, oriented, as well as the idea of content. This document was published, a very important aspect is the implementation of science and technology, the next step will be to promote a field, a department, a unit, allowing them to develop appropriate management practices and management rules, such as the Ministry of education and research university together will be how to implement this file, and the Chinese Academy of sciences research how to implement the scientific research institutes, including think tanks, including the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, social science research in some specific way, step by step to promote the implementation of. How to get through in the future will be reflected in the specific unit management and management advice.相关的主题文章:

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