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By , April 16, 2018 7:37 pm

China power to reshape the global tourism service standard Chinese exotic pattern of "eleven" during the golden week open circle of friends, all kinds of the sun travel photos of Chinese travel to meet the eye everywhere, "small red flag" into the world. National Tourism Administration data show that nearly half of the people during the eleven year of this year to travel abroad, outbound tourists nearly 6 million, a record high, is the same period last year, two times. Chinese tourists come in a throng of its powerful tourism consumption, waves, not only from all over the world, but also change the "passing" in many areas of economic ecology. Exotic Chinese services into the National Tourism Administration standard statistics, this year the National Day holiday travel the hottest destination before three is South Korea, Japan, Russia, Korea, Thailand tourism "fever" is still not back. Sometimes feel like traveling abroad and in the country to turn a sample." Beijing tourists Ms. sun and family during "eleven" to Thailand on vacation in Chiang Mai, the streets everywhere China tourists, in the palace and other attractions, night Pu screen line are in "occupation", can be heard all the Chinese, even small traders Thailand will also say a few words on Chinese. Thailand Tourism Bureau statistics, there are 280 thousand people during the national day of Chinese tourists to thailand. A few days ago, Anhui tourists Ms. Fang met my primary school teacher in Sapporo duty-free shopping, she repeatedly said "small world", "China tourists get together in the scenic spots and shopping district, many local staff is skilled Chinese opening." In the case of South Korea more exaggerated, 3 shop front doors are printed on Alipay and WeChat to pay the logo, coverage rate even higher than the Samsung and apple pay payment. By the positive stimulus visa deal, Chinese people will travel footsteps towards Morocco, Tonga, Tunisia and other niche destination, the number of guests in Morocco even rose 35 times. China visitors will also promote the overseas red tourism hot, "eleven", the Marx Museum, the former residence of Engels, the former residence of Lenin and China revolutionary pioneer learning, life, can see many tourists China figure. Chinese tourists support multinational "pocketbook" don’t underestimate when going abroad buy buy buy, this is to pull the world economy out of a force. United Nations World Tourism Organization data show that since 2012, China has become the world’s largest outbound tourism consumer for many years, the contribution of the global tourism revenue of more than 13%. 2015, China outbound travel up to 120 million people, shopping scale has reached $684 billion 100 million, both ranked first in the world. The organization also said that after the global financial crisis, China’s outbound tourism and foreign investment in China has played a role in the recovery of the world economy engine". Specifically, Chinese tourists on their hands to stimulate the economy in many areas. In South Korea, the east gate of Seoul Myeong Dong District, cosmetics stores and luxury shops one after another, the street Chinese banners everywhere, in order to meet the Chinese tourists, seafood congee shop and sushi are dumplings instead. According to statistics, in 2015 to Chinese tourists accounted for all 70% tourists, the amount of consumption per capita China tourists is about $2200, more than double the average spending of tourists to Korea, South Korea accounted for about 1.6% of GDP consumption. Shopping paradise Japan more.相关的主题文章:

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