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By , April 15, 2018 12:27 pm

The Hongkong SAR government officials: the interpretation of law is to fulfill the constitutional responsibility of safeguarding national sovereignty – the Hongkong SAR Government Financial Secretary Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong in November 5, Ceng Junhua, 5 in response to the National People’s Congress on the 104th questions of the basic law interpretation that the oath of the nature of the incident is very serious, the issues concerning state sovereignty, the central pole seriously, must be seriously dealt with, the NPC is to fulfill the constitutional responsibility to safeguard national sovereignty. Ceng Junhua pointed out that under the framework of the basic law, the NPC is also an important part of the overall legal system of Hongkong. The law of the people’s Congress is not only binding on the court, but also binding on the government and the legislative council. This arrangement has always existed and will continue to exist. Ceng Junhua said, now, believe that society of individual members elect oath, have expressed very clear views of impact event for Hongkong is no one wants to see. He said, I believe that someone should be aware of two people, their behavior has been far beyond the bottom line acceptable to Hongkong, should reflect on whether they are suitable for members. Liang Jinsong, former finance minister of the SAR government, attended the event on the same day, saying that it is very important to safeguard the territorial integrity of the country" Hongkong is clearly a part of People’s Republic of China, if there is no clear legal definition and prevent the "Hong Kong Independence" spread, detrimental to the long-term development and prosperity and stability of Hongkong. He believes that the people’s Congress is now the law of the long-term development of Hongkong favorable. The basic law clearly defines that the central government has certain responsibilities and obligations in this regard, and a detailed explanation of the unclear provisions. The interpretation of the law in accordance with the rule of law in Hongkong, is good for maintaining the rule of law in Hongkong, especially in these problems on major issues issues of right and wrong should be clear, you know, Hong Kong Independence is not to advocate and develop. Liang Aishi, deputy director of the Basic Law Committee, said on a radio show on the same day that the decision made by the people’s Congress on the interpretation of the press was big but necessary. Article 104th no members not to swear the consequences, if the interpretation said more clearly is a good thing, the interpretation of the law if it juration people power, will also reduce the day after the controversy. (end)相关的主题文章:

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