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By , April 15, 2018 12:27 pm

Japan will introduce a new system of foreigners take a minimum of 1 years of permanent residence – Sohu news according to 15, chinanews.com reported that the Japanese government will introduce a new system, the provision of foreign operators and technicians in Japan’s short residence 1 years can obtain permanent residency. Prior to this, with the expertise of senior talent to obtain permanent residence in Japan need to stay for 5 years, the future of this period will be shortened to 3 years, and as long as certain conditions, the application can be approved for a period of 1 years. Japan will develop the world’s lowest threshold permanent residency application system to attract foreigners in research and development and other advanced skills. Japanese government announced in June this year, the growth strategy, clearly written to create the world’s fastest version of the Japanese version of the foreign senior talent green card system". The Ministry of justice has specific policies in the study, will before the end of the year and the ruling party to coordinate the revised decree and policy guidelines. Relaxation of the object for a high degree of professional qualifications of the residence of qualified personnel. In accordance with the advanced talent points system, according to the doctor’s degree and other qualifications, the actual number of years of service, annual income scoring, more than 70 points will be able to obtain residency. This is the April 2015 new entry eligibility, as of the end of 2015, a total of 1508 people, of which the largest number of Chinese people, accounting for 64%. Holders of this qualification foreigners need to stay for 5 years to apply for permanent residency. The new system will be the first time the detention period to 3 years. For senior talent has also been identified with a high level of operational capacity of foreigners, 1 years of detention applications can be approved. Specific criteria will be identified in the future, has appeared in accordance with the integral system to achieve more than 80 points program. If you can obtain permanent residency, the talent in Japan will enhance social credit. In addition to the free choice of occupation, but also apply for loans in Japan will be more convenient life. Among the countries of the world, South Korea for cutting-edge technology in the field of doctor, the shortest 1 years can apply for permanent residency. Japan is also building the world’s shortest level system, to receive the countries are competing to attract senior talent. Integration system will also be reformed. There are plans to invest heavily in Japan, graduated from the world’s top universities and other conditions should also get points. There are suggestions that the use of government development assistance (ODA) personnel training career graduates should also be included in additional projects.相关的主题文章:

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