Beijing, the first to create a smart city street facilities with two-dimensional code-helmet怎么读

By , April 15, 2018 12:25 pm

Beijing to build the first smart city street public facilities with two-dimensional code – Beijing, Beijing in August 25 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yu Lixiao) the next bus stop, Beijing Road on both sides of the telephone booths, kiosks, trash and other city public facilities will configure the two-dimensional code "identity card", by 2018 the basic realization of full coverage of the two-dimensional code. This is the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Management Committee 25. According to the Beijing Municipal City Management Committee Landscape Department deputy director Chen Long introduced, in the past, public facilities management chaos state, the city’s public facilities, how much of the location where the damage is not very clear for everyone. Based on this, Beijing innovation "Internet plus facilities" wisdom city management mode, the first installation of the two-dimensional code in the country to start pilot public facilities. "To create a file for each public facility, send an identity card, clear the tube in the end who." Chen Long said that you want to be in Beijing, Xin’an, a facility, you have to like the children on the account, the first to build a file in order to secure facilities. If there are problems, QR code, can find the facilities of the property unit. The public through intelligent mobile phone WeChat, QQ, micro-blog and other software, the two-dimensional code scanning trash, kiosks, street lamp pole, zhilupai stuck on, not only to understand the basic information of these facilities, but also online reporting problems such as dirty, damaged public facilities exist. According to Chen Long introduction, since early this year, Beijing launched a two-dimensional code management, has received various public reports about 2000, 1800 of which are valid complaints, mainly reflects the problem of dirty, damaged facilities, the disposal rate of more than 90%. And some problems can be solved within 3 days. Currently, Chang’an Avenue to Jianguomen along the way to the door, there are already more than 1100 pieces of public facilities affixed to the two-dimensional code. This year the city’s 50 Avenue Road of public service facilities in the two-dimensional code management of district level pilot, is expected in early September to complete the construction and trial operation. Chen Long said, next year, Beijing will achieve full coverage of the two-dimensional code three, namely six districts of the city of 100 main street facilities full coverage of the two-dimensional code, ten suburban area of built-up road facilities full coverage of the two-dimensional code, two-dimensional code datiliang facilities full coverage. By 2018, the two-dimensional code will achieve full coverage in the city. (end)相关的主题文章:

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