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Zhang Xiaoping, Jiangxi Yichun mayor: the expectations of the people into action — local leaders — people.com.cn people.com.cn October 9 Beijing Xinhua (Tang Jiayi) according to the Yichun municipal government network news, the morning of October 8th, the three Yichun Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee held the thirty-fourth meeting, the meeting examined and adopted the decision of the Municipal People’s Congress Jiang Bin resigned on accepting mayor of the municipal government’s request, decided to appoint vice mayor Zhang Xiaoping, municipal government acting mayor. Zhang Xiaoping said, will cherish this rare opportunity to work and service, the trust of the organization into the work force, the people’s expectations into practical action, in order to monitor the municipal Party Secretary Deng Baosheng under the strong leadership of the municipal government, to unite and lead a group of people, really realistically to request for private development, diligent as a practical, administrative law, self-discipline for example, strive for the construction of the beautiful Yichun winning the well-off contribute. According to people.com.cn database shows local leaders, Zhang Xiaoping previously served as Deputy Secretary General of the Jiangxi provincial government, office of Party members, in September transferred to the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yichun Municipal Committee, Party Secretary of the municipal government. Former mayor of Yichun Jiang Bin has served as party secretary of Xinyu. The resume of Zhang Xiaoping Zhang Xiaoping Zhang Xiaoping, male, Han nationality, born in June 1963, Jiangxi Fenyi, December 1986 joined the Communist Party China, October 1981 to participate in the work of postgraduate education. 1978.09 Jiangxi food processing School of professional learning 1981.10 Nanchang flour factory technician 1984.08 Economic Commission of Jiangxi province finance office cadres 1985.09 Department of law of Renmin University of China cadre education class 1987.09 Jiangxi Provincial Economic Commission, director of the finance office staff of 1993.02 Jiangxi Provincial Economic Commission deputy director of the finance office, the provincial economic and trade Commission deputy director of the office of the market circulation of 1996.11 economic and Trade Commission of Jiangxi province (the director of market circulation during the period: 1998.09-2000.12 Jiangxi provincial Party School of economics and management postgraduate) 2001.02 trade market of Jiangxi Province Economic and Trade Commission Director of the 2004.07 Jiangxi Province Economic and Trade Commission deputy director, committee member of Jiangxi province 2009.02 industry and Information Technology Commission deputy director, Party member of 2013.06 Jiangxi provincial government deputy secretary general, office of the party members of the 2016.09 Yichun municipal Party committee deputy secretary municipal government, Party Book Remember the 2016.10 Yichun Municipal Committee, municipal government and party secretary, deputy mayor, acting mayor (people.com.cn as of October 2016)   more channel original more personnel click query related news and more information on local leaders:   (Xu Dong, commissioning editor: Tang Jiayi)相关的主题文章:

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