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By , April 15, 2018 12:23 pm

Gansu Gobi town of farmers "adventure" rich way (Figure) – Beijing new network in Lanzhou in September 20 (Xinhua Wei Jinlong Zhang Lu Wang Chao Dong) it was autumn, Zhao Jianjun in its seeds began to mature, in the four Dao Gou Cun, Gansu Guazhou County three Dao Gou Town, his family’s seed flower planting area and the highest the villagers for him to do the "adventure" behavior, are taking a wait-and-see approach. "What to do, not how to spell a line." Zhao Jianjun think, dare not break, but also want to get rich, it is a joke. Who lives in the small town of Gobi, Zhao Jianjun and his parents relatives and friends, before more than and 10 years, relying on the traditional crops of corn, vegetables and other migrant workers seeking a subsistence and one family life. "In the previous kind of vegetables, a total of three to five acres, the area is too small, the benefits can not keep up." To this end, he had to and around the man, began to work out of life. Although not too far away from home, the time to accompany their families and children, still very few. Since this year, Guazhou County three town according to local conditions, make full use of the favorable heat resources, water resources, the introduction of the characteristics of fine seed production of flowers, adjust the industrial structure, promote the increase of farmers’ income. And Zhao Jianjun’s flower industry, began in 2015. That seed flower can make money from friends, the adventurous man on the northwest teeth, planted nearly fifty acres of flowers. From the cosmos to Zinnia, red and yellow colored flowers swaying in the wind, the flower falls after the mature seeds, and bring him much better than before the income. According to this year’s market price per kilogram of flower seed price of 40 yuan per mu, flower seed yield of about 60 kg per mu income 2400 yuan, this year only seed flower revenues estimated at about 100 thousand yuan." Zhao Jianjun said, before the kind of vegetables, per acre income is now almost half, or even less. Turning to the surrounding people’s attitude towards planting flowers, Zhao Jianjun think, do not take this step, who do not know whether it will succeed or fail. From last year’s benefits, he was very fortunate, he chose the right way. With the drive, he did not even think of flowers there is, but a lot easier than before to work. Now he and his wife two runs these flower fields, busy time or even hire help, don’t leave the house, which makes him feel at ease and peace. The landscape in Liang Cun Guazhou County three Town, more than 1 acres of existing farmland, farmers 1429 people, before the main planting corn, sunflower, forage and other traditional crops, planting benefit is low, get rich slowly. For the transformation of industrial structure adjustment planting mode, increase the income of farmers, this year the village in the base of various investigations, attempts to introduce the cosmos, Zinnia, stevia seed flower etc.. "Flower seed now accounted for 46% of the farmland in the village, is expected to Zinnia the purchase price per kilogram 18 yuan, thousand plum, sweet Ye Ju’s purchase price of more than 40 yuan per mu, the average income of more than 2200 yuan." Landscape beam Village Party branch secretary Duan Honghai introduction. See the rich potential of seed flower strong, three Dao Gou Zhen company plus farmers, for production and marketing)相关的主题文章:

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