Tomorrow makeup poster exposure many small fresh female Guardian Report-小坂めぐる

By , April 15, 2018 12:21 pm

"Tomorrow" makeup poster exposure many small fresh female Guardian report jointly produced by Sina entertainment news, CI Wen media Dongyang purple wind and music video director Xu Jinliang, adapted from the same month a network of popular fiction’s costume drama "back to the Ming Dynasty when the Duke of Yangling", the day before is Hengdian hot shot. Jiang Jinfu [micro-blog] and Yuan Bingyan, Liu Ruilin, Liu Yan, Wang Zixuan, [micro-blog] Zhang Sifan and the actor, a common interpretation of the Ming Dynasty legend surge high and sweep forward. Today the first exposure of the film side of the drama starring makeup poster, handsome Jiang Jinfu, firmness and flexibility of Yuan Bingyan, Emperor Liu Ruilin, fair as the routine anti fairy Liu Yan audience, who feel themselves. "Back to" first exposure makeup poster ultra high degree of reduction anticipated as Ci Wen media produced a domestic IP drama, "back to Yangling" since the shooting is of concern, a lot of fans, fans are curious, especially for the reduction of the original novel, is the biggest thing concerned for many fans. From before the exposure of the network conference, some netizens said "see Reuters has a series of snapshots, feeling" back to Yangling "the crew must attach great importance to the degree of reduction, the cast is very consistent with the description of the original novel." With today, "back to Yangling" crew first exposure makeup posters all starring in the film, it is immediately sparked heated debate on the Internet, many fans called: "this poster is too amazing, really surprising!" "Makeup poster is really awesome, almost recovered ah, not look forward to" back to Yangling "!" Jiang Jinfu Liu Yan, like many small handsome Fairy "fresh" female Guardian report on the exposure of the "back to Yangling" creative makeup posters, the most striking is the handsome Jiang Jinfu, he was wearing a blue costume, refined temperament, however in the eyes reveal personality, uninhibited atmosphere, reducing the novel for the characterization and description of Yangling. And create a lot of weak character Yuan Bingyan, the increase in the number of fight scenes in the play, the interpretation of a strong Han Youniang. Liu Ruilin played the emperor not to press the routine play, is a worthy of the name of anti routine emperor. At the same time, Liu Yan played a Qiyun makeup poster is exquisite, elegant, attracted many users lamented Liu Yan in "back to Yangling" in the beautiful fairy maiden!" It is understood that Jiang Jinfu plays a leading role in Yangling, in the "Yangling Huiming biography" is full of love, he can not help but they have a lot of broke confidante in the film, and a lot of beauty has undergone complex emotional ties, makeup posters of the many "small fresh female" are hidden plot key information and they story with Jiang kifo between, seems to have become a "wonderful spectacle of Yangling Huiming biography", the audience is looking forward to.相关的主题文章:

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