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By , April 15, 2018 12:21 pm

"Five women" Beijing downtown set file 12.16 men stop concept poster – Sohu entertainment "five women make capital" concept poster Sohu entertainment news recently, Guoneishoubu specifically tailored for the female "iron honey" sisterhood comedy film "five women" Beijing downtown officially announced in December 16th the release of comedy set file. The film is by Wu Shutong gold producer, directed by Chen Jianfei, Li Sirui, Liu Sitong, Prince, Zhu Qi, Liu Shuailiang, Si Xuan strength small meat starring a bestie Xia love comedy film. The exposure of the men stop concept version of the poster fully reflects the overall positioning of the film: a custom tailored for the iron honey comedy film. Posters of the overall composition is simple, with two pieces of traffic signs and easy interpretation of the movie "the man stop, Ms. keynote traffic", people unlimited reverie, plus some small elements, including: Shanghai reported other flowers, colors, fonts, such as underwear show female character and comedy film. Compared to other types of movies with more features, stunning index ifheavier, believed that this thick iron female honey comedy will bring the audience different farce and moved. The film "five women make the capital" will be the capital farce interpretation of alternative vivid and interesting, tells the story of the girls of the different personalities of the history of the formation of one of the most beloved Invincible Iron honey team five. LAN Yiyi owes a huge debt because her husband’s disappearance, four sisters to help LAN Yiyi Cardiff debt, through a series of ironic amusing incident, they staged a group of five young Beijing domineering "brothers" friendship. In the film, the five women of the five characters, it is in this run in, only to show the power of friendship between girls. Big sister Zhang Li, He Jiani’s domineering side leakage cool full, too wide Youting Li elegant forces, Liu Yinggu chowhound clever, small Gong Ju LAN Yiyi five sisters for an hand in a velvet glove, Cardiff is brain hole burst open and all sorts of tricks, but still around the wall, make a fool of myself, after going through the club beat a rogue, hair leaflets, to be street Cardiff Hotel besieged, creditors siege, arrested Rape after events such as the sister group is love over gold, have vowed to stand to the end, iron honey. In addition to comedy elements, the film is also quite beautiful scenery.相关的主题文章:

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