You have never seen the mystery of the game Schine on the blue f1– Tomahawk game-魔界骑士イングリッド

By , April 10, 2018 8:42 pm

You have never seen the mystery of the game "Schine" on the blue F1– Tomahawk game "Schine" is an action puzzle game is a very creative, because of its creative game set by the game player and the praise of extremely hard picture soundtrack is harvested a series of praise. In August 25th, the critically acclaimed game officially landed F1 Tomahawk became F1 twenty-seventh Tomahawk, shelves game. "Schine" was added to enrich the Tomahawk F1 game library, with more on different types of game, the Tomahawk F1 quality game is also rising, more and more users begin to pay attention to F1 and buy Tomahawk axe, F1 wants to use a large number of high-quality content to open the host country market strategy is successful, and blue Technology (formerly axe Technology) continues to negotiate more high-quality games for the subsequent market development to provide more favorable support. "Schine" is an action puzzle game. Developers for the Austria game studio Zeppelin Studio. The game game player will play a tragic hero, after losing his son lost his strayed into a swamp. Where he met a want to help his elves — "wildfire". He will work with the wizard to solve the puzzle on the road, and finally escape from the dark swamp. The most unique feature of this book is that the wizard is set. This wizard can emit light, the light will change the scene after the game, and the effect of different light is not the same. Some light can jump platform, help game player to find hidden Road, and some light can help the game player who destroy the enemy, this game set very creative, also makes this is a puzzle game in many talent shows itself. The most important thing is that the flexible use of these lights, special light to bring to the players not only help but also hinder. Players in the game need to consider whether the use of light to help, in the general field of vision and the wizard of vision between the transition to the barrier through the exit to the swamp. The game in the three light performance is interesting and full of changes, flexible light into the puzzle is quite natural, the game’s producer crafted and exquisite design allows a game player during the game from time to time will praise. The overall picture of the game is relatively dim, BGM special intentions, the overall atmosphere to create a very place. And, the operation is relatively simple, the process is not very long, all age players can try. F1 has signed the game axe Tomahawk F1 first signed 76 games, has hit the 27 paragraph, the remaining 49 games will also have a new plan in the following. These 76 games have been signed F1 Tomahawk, including "Dynasty Warriors 7 moushouden 3A" and other international big game, there are "drift," Grandpa "Catus onslaught robot", etc. for the whole family together play more games, "2" "asylum" ziggurat and other unique features of the game. Provide very competitive so many games for the Tomahawk F1, let F1 can develop in the Tomahawk domestic host city)相关的主题文章:

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