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Xinxiang farmer 150 thousand kg of wax gourd is unmarketable, which is low to 10 Fen, and no one asks for it. [Abstract] the poor households in Xinxiang, Henan, Qiu Tianxi has a good harvest this year, and the sale of 150 thousand jin of wax gourd has become a difficult problem, and the price is as low as 10 Fen, still no one is buying. Villagers said that after more than a dozen days after the temperature affected the melon will slowly rot, they can only seek help from the hospital school and other related units. Because of the limited space, the villagers put the harvested winter gourd in the open space in the yard. Because of the limited space, Wang Qiulan’s villagers put the winter gourd plucking off the outside of the yard. Wang Qiulan photo Beijing, Xinxiang (Wang Qiulan) in October 7, autumn is a harvest season, is also a season full of hope, although this year the melon planted good color, large size, high yield, but in Yuanyang County of Henan Province Li Di Cun village in terms of poverty but also how happy is not up, 150 thousand pounds melon sales into their hearts a big problem. Li Di Cun first secretary Cao Fuping told reporters, although the price has been as low as 10 Fen, but still no one is willing to come to buy. According to reports, Li Di Cun planting melon village a total of 7 households, of which 6 households belonging to poor families, these families not only small courtyard, but also very simple, since the house is very small, most people will pick the melon on the outside. After 10 days, affected by the temperature, which is placed in the outer melon may slowly decay, if longer words, these poor villagers planted melon face down the drain dilemma. Lou Yanhai is a 65 year old Li Di Cun a poor villagers, is more of a melon planting households, only his own melon have more than 40000 pounds. On the afternoon of 7, during the interview, Lou Yanhai told reporters that, because of the small house, the home space is limited, the site is also very limited, so a part he picked melon was placed in the yard, placed in a part of the yard next to the wall beside the path, there is a part of melon on farm vehicles borrowed the. It was also noted that the winter gourd had no shelter to cover, and the bottom of the winter gourd had not been laid out. If it rains, these winter gourd will be affected to varying degrees. Lou Yanhai planted nearly four acres of wax gourd, which was also planted in the first year. He bought it from 25 kilometers away from the village, and every seedling 50 Fen, when he bought a total of more than 600, plus fertilizer, pesticides, weeding and so on, it is a great investment. He reluctantly said, if you want to keep the cost per kilogram of sales to 10 Fen Wucai can, but now it seems that the market price is less than 15 Fen, now not just income guaranteed, otherwise this year’s hard is naught. "Some time ago, a peddler came here to buy wax gourd, provided that I would send the wax gourd to his designated place, and let us hire our own drivers, hire drivers and pay extra money. Under such conditions, they wouldn’t want to pay 4 cents a pound." Bring home nearly forty thousand pounds of white gourd, Lou Yanhai sighed deeply and said, now full filled with melon, looked at the yard full of tens of thousands of pounds of white gourd suffer great agonies of the mind doesn’t know what to do, good. The 48 year old Liu Xiangde is a typical village of poor households, and two daughters and his sisters, the eldest daughter is sixteen years old, is currently enrolled in a Xinxiang school, originally thought that this year the melon can sell a good price, high tuition fees do not have to worry about her daughter, who knows this is at home to melon unmarketable in. Liu Xiangde, this year a total of two acres planted many melon, because now in season, so he began to grow wheat, two days before the picked melon stored in the yard. "Buy from seedling to fertilization, to fight pesticides, I and a total investment of more than 2000 yuan. Fortunately, I have also planted some watermelons this year, otherwise this year will be really bad. "Last year, there was one village who planted winter gourd in the village, which could be sold to more than 60 Fen Jin. According to this price, planting some winter gourd is much stronger than corn. But this year is not good, not only does not increase production and income, but the cost is hard to earn. " To this, Liu Xiangde is very helpless. Li Di Cun first secretary Cao Fuping said, now the price is 11 Fen melon purchase or 12 Fen cents last year, the highest price was 90 Fen pounds, this is the lowest price of the year, the villagers want to be guaranteed, at least the price per kilogram to 15 Fen cents in. "We have issued a message of help yesterday, although the number of calls, but 10 Fen kilograms of the price is still not willing to come to buy. On the last day of the golden week, the holidays of some units and enterprises are not over yet. If no one came to purchase on the 8 day, we could only contact some schools, hospitals and other related units to seek help from them. Cao Fuping said. (end) (Beijing) video: Foshan Sanshui District: 600 thousand pounds of melon unmarketable villagers can not do anything related reading: Luohe a village of golden pear unmarketable after more than 10 days will rotten tree Huaxian 40 acres of okra seriously unsalable a lot of local people do not know this is what the Henan farmers dislike everywhere have skyrocketed big Henan recommended: Video recommendation: Eleven wonderful events of China National Day 20 days of rest, why such (watch) WeChat sweep concern Henan Red court found more wonderful [truth] Go alone with Me! The student has a two force table is a kind of experience ___________________. In a man’s life, there are some secrets that can’t be said, the regrets that you can’t return, the dreams that you can’t touch, the love you can’t forget. A daily topic, invite you to come to "wave"! A two dimensional code to download news clients to see the news anytime and anywhere! 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新乡农民15万斤冬瓜滞销 低至一毛无人问津 [摘要]河南新乡的贫困户村民今年秋天喜丰收,15万斤冬瓜的销路却成难题,价格低至一毛钱仍无人收购。村民表示,再过十几天受气温影响冬瓜会慢慢腐烂,他们只能向医院学校等相关单位寻求帮助。由于场地有限,村民们将采摘下来的冬瓜放置在院子里的空地上。王秋兰摄由于场地有限,村民们将采摘下来的冬瓜放置在院子外小路旁边。王秋兰 摄中新网新乡10月7日电(王秋兰)秋天是一个丰收的季节,也是一个充满希望的季节,虽然今年种植的冬瓜色泽好、个头大、产量高,但对河南省原阳县李堤村贫困户村民来讲却怎么也高兴不起来,15万斤冬瓜的销路成了他们心中一大难题。李堤村第一书记曹富平告诉记者,尽管价格已经低至一毛钱,但至今仍没有人愿意前来收购。据介绍,李堤村种植冬瓜的村民一共有7户,其中有6户属于贫困户,这些家庭不仅院子小,而且也非常简陋,自住的房子也很小,大多数人都将摘下来的冬瓜放在室外。再过十几天,受气温影响,这些放置在外的冬瓜可能慢慢腐烂掉,如果时间再长的话,这些种植冬瓜的贫困户村民将面临血本无归的困境。今年65岁的娄彦海是李堤村一名贫困户村民,也是种植冬瓜较多的一户,仅他自己的冬瓜就有四万多斤。7日下午,在采访过程中娄彦海向记者介绍说,因为家中房子小,空间有限,场地也很有限,所以他采摘下来的冬瓜一部分被放置在院子里,一部分放置在院子外挨着墙边小路旁边,还有一部分冬瓜放在了借来的农用车辆上。记者还注意到,这些冬瓜并没有任何遮挡物去遮盖,冬瓜的最下层也没有铺设任何物品。如果碰上下雨天气,这些冬瓜将会受到不同程度的影响。娄彦海一共种植了近四亩冬瓜,也是第一年种植,秧苗是他从距村25公里外的地方购置的,每棵秧苗五毛钱,当时一共买了600多棵,加上化肥、农药、除草等等是一笔不小的投资。他无奈地说,如果想保住成本每斤销售到一毛五才可以,但现在看来,市场上的价格还远远不到一毛五,现在不求增收只求保本,要不然这大半年的辛苦就等于打水漂。“前段时间有一个商贩来到这里收购冬瓜,前提是我要把冬瓜送到他指定的地方,而且还要让我们自己雇佣司机,雇佣司机还要另外出钱,就这样的条件下,4分钱一斤他们也不愿意要。”提起家中的近四万斤冬瓜,娄彦海深深地叹了一口气说,现在满脑子装的都是冬瓜,看着满院子的几万斤冬瓜愁肠百结,不知道该怎么办才好。48岁的刘祥德是村里典型的贫困户,与他相依为命的还有两个女儿,大女儿已经十六岁,目前在新乡一所学校就读,原本以为今年的冬瓜能卖个好价格,大女儿的学费不用再发愁,谁知道冬瓜至今还滞销在家中。刘祥德今年一共种了两亩多冬瓜,因为现在到了芒种季节,开始种小麦,所以他两天前将采摘下来的冬瓜存放在自家院子里。“从买秧苗到施肥、再到打农药,我前前后后一共投入了两千多块钱。幸亏,我今年还种了一些西瓜,要不然今年日子会真的不好过。”“去年村里有一户种植冬瓜的村民,能卖到六毛多一斤,按这样价格来算,种植一些冬瓜要比玉米强多了。但今年不行,不但没有实现增产增收,反而成本也难以赚回来。”对此,刘祥德非常无奈。李堤村第一书记曹富平说,现在冬瓜收购的价格是一毛一分钱或者一毛二分钱,往年的价格最高的时候可达九毛钱一斤,今年是价格最低的一年,村民要想做到保本,最起码每斤的价格在一毛五分钱才可以。“我们曾在昨天发布过求助信息,虽然打来的电话不少,但一毛钱一斤的价格仍没有人愿意前来收购。今天黄金周的最后一天,一些单位、企业的假期还没有结束,如果到8号那天还没有人前来收购,我们只能联系一些学校、医院等相关单位,向他们寻求帮助。”曹富平说。(完)(中新网)相关视频: 佛山三水区:60万斤冬瓜滞销 村民无计可施 相关阅读:漯河一村庄黄金梨滞销 再过10多天就会烂树上滑县40亩秋葵严重滞销 当地很多人不知道这是啥河南农民嫌弃的这东西随处可见 却身价暴涨大豫推荐:视频推荐:十一奇葩事件盘点 为何国庆节能休息20天 >> (点击观看)微信扫一扫关注豫红院 发现更多精彩【真心话大冒险】 Go alone with Me!学生时代有个二逼同桌是怎样一种体验___________________。 人的一生,都有一些说不出的秘密,挽不回的遗憾,触不到的梦想,忘不了的爱。每日一话题,邀你来“浪”! 真心话大冒险栏目地址>>扫描二维码下载新闻客户端 随时随地看新闻! 今日热闻:这个地方曾是郑州“商业地标”,如今身份十分尴尬;这些河南珍藏“干货”,你吃过吗?相关的主题文章:

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