Liaoning men’s basketball team ushered in the first home victory Hodson cut 45 points cad2012序列号和密钥

By , November 20, 2017 5:21 pm

Liaoning men’s basketball team ushered in the first home victory Hodson cut 45 points last night, CBA League continues in the second round, Liaoning men’s basketball team ushered in the first home game. Although the four main rivals Jiangsu team can not play, also a little trouble, but the key moment under the leadership of Hodson, the distant basket to withstand the opponent’s counterattack, 110:104 in the final harvest season two wins. Before the game, the distant basket club held a retirement ceremony for 10 years as a doctor at the age of 76 years old Yang Zongqun". The basket of all the players and coaches to stand in a row, to pay tribute to the old doctor Yang Zongqun, with tears in her eyes and said: "the team members to do the decommissioning ceremony necessarily many, but to do his retirement ceremony is the first time, I am really glad. Now the age is big, cannot give these children to be injured again, hoped that the children can be healthy and healthy, can win the championship this season." In this game, the distant basket is not easy to win, the Jiangsu men’s basketball team outside feel hot, small foreign aid Brooks and Yi Li together with 10 record three points, but the distant basket at the end to withstand the opponent’s counterattack. Hodson sharp had scored the highest 45 points, Randolph added 21 points. Out of the four players under the condition that the teenager become the key to winning, but this time, the first things stand out, arranged the team’s first 5 points. Zhao Jiwei and Bush morning continued good performance, which has become the highest scoring players Zhao Jiwei. "In fact, I didn’t see too much of the victory, and I felt like playing was what we did in the summer." Next, the Liao basket will usher in three consecutive away game, for such a devil race, Zhao Jiwei said to do their best. Li Xiaoxu after the injury, coach Guo Shiqiang is most worried about the rebound, the game of Liaoning basket grabbed 43 rebounds, Hodson contributed 12. "This game is hard to win, the Jiangsu men’s basketball team is a powerhouse, gave us a lot of trouble. After the three day, we do well in the protection rebounds, the ball is better than the other critical moment." Guo Shiqiang said. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter   Li Qingshi electricity from Benxi   photographer   Wang     Jiang相关的主题文章:

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