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By , November 20, 2017 5:21 pm

Xiamen sanitation workers turn over 6 tons of garbage to find the bag for the South Korean girl overnight turned over the past 3 hours after the pit in the garbage compression transfer station to find packages. Get a bag, the young man is very excited. Xiamen Net – Xiamen evening news (reporter Liao Ke Ventura) hurry to go home, but found a passport and ticket, the bag was thrown away as trash, Chinese guy and Korean woman anxious not. Big night, they all the way along the garbage truck came to pit after the garbage compression transfer station, I hope the sanitation workers can help find the package. The sanitation workers in the "trash mountain without demur," rummage. More than 3 hours later, the package finally found. Took the package, Korean sister moved to tears. [two] for the owner to follow the car running over a road, sweating about 9:40 the night before, after the pit garbage compression transfer station slowly into a garbage truck, near the end of the day’s work. Later, all the garbage will be sent to the Xiangan solid waste landfill center. Scheduling long Lin Laicong and environmental sanitation workers are putting the final touches on a couple, suddenly appeared in front of them. "They looked worried. They were wearing sports clothes. They seemed to be running." Lin said, under a question to know, they are just following the station that garbage truck running all the way. The other said, in the afternoon to pack up, accidentally put a very important bag as garbage thrown into the trash can, garbage was cleaned to the nearby cleaners. They have their own doubts just pulled into the bag on the car transfer station. "They are from the Zhongzhaiwan clean floor asked the situation, followed by the garbage truck ran, run sweating." Lin said the young man, about 20 years old, had to take off his coat. He said his girlfriend is Korean, satchel a passport, ticket and cash, he will fly back to Korea to visit her sick mother girlfriend for second days, not even go through the passport, too late. "They think the garbage may not eventually ran away, looking for." [help] 5 workers a shovel, a sweaty "look for a needle in the ocean" heard of this, 5 workers on duty said per capita voluntary rummage. However, there are about 6 tons of garbage in front of them, this is a big problem. "Worse, garbage in the clean floor have been compressed into a solid block, not carefully for impossible to find a packet." Lin Lin said. They will dump all the garbage on the platform, driving a mechanical car flat garbage. 6 tons of garbage is a concept? Out is half the size of a football field, is a hill piled up. The presence of all the people began to wear gloves for picking up a shovel. Lin Laicong said: "to find a small bag in so much garbage, is a very difficult thing, there is a feeling to look for a needle in the ocean." The location of the platform is the center of the transfer station, surrounded by closed, which is very hot, coupled with the smell of garbage, unbearable. See some Korean sister can not hold up, workers take a mask to let her wear, and then continue to work. Shovel and shovel, more than 3 hours later, the parcel is still no trace. Guy and his girlfriend.相关的主题文章:

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