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By , November 20, 2017 5:21 pm

"Nine lives" did not reflect the first circle powder meow star who Mr. Maoku Wanghong – Beijing yesterday afternoon, a film about man and cat adventure comedy film "nine lives" in the Xinjiekou international cinema. From the film "house of cards" in "under the president" Oscar, golden double winner Kevin? Starring Spacey, the film is filled with a deep affection, and the biggest movie protagonist cat "Maoku Mr." ironically, quickly conquered the audience. "Shoveled shit officer" in the process of watching film laugh, see the cat "Maoku Mr. torn newspaper, chaos pee lens is aroused strong resonance. The film was released in September 9th. The film tells the story of Tom as a business elite (Kevin), is a workaholic, but often ignore the family and affection of the family, but the family of the family, the family and the family of the family, the family of the family. Daughter’s birthday this day, who was late he hurried to go to the pet store, bought her a love meow star for her daughter, but was the pet shop owner (Christopher Walken? Ornaments) with magic will his body trapped in a pet cat in "Maoku Mr."…… The audience Miss Zhang said that the officer will be shoveled shit love this movie, before the animated film "pet big secrets" have captured the hearts of a congregation of shoveling shit officer, "nine lives" is a live action film, looks more sense of substitution. She told reporters, with the cat states watching the movie adorable, funny. And under the shell of the comedy, wrapped in the father’s deep love for their children. See several scenes depicting the family, the eyes are red. In addition to the Red Net meow star, in the Hollywood actor’s performance but also bring the audience a great surprise, the Oscar award double winner Kevin Spacey’s performance is particularly amazing?. This has been a gloomy restrained screen image shows the cold actor in the film gave her acting career very funny comedy role, the president handed arrogant attitude and turned to playfully, after the adorable meow star people, and finally as a father’s warm heart touching, interpretation all threads neatly tied up, most incisive. Yangzi Evening News reporter Kong Xiaoping相关的主题文章:

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