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By , November 19, 2017 5:15 pm

The Dharma let me see the pain of life and relief of Dharma and let me see the pain of life and relief of the singing recently learned "approach to the Buddha," the first part of the understanding of Buddhism monk — buddha. The tutor said: Buddha monk in discovery is a great drop. In the absence of serious view of righteousness, I quite agree with this "great up", but is a human’s identity from the angle that the Buddha to sentient beings liberation and enlightenment, abandoned his family, wealth, status…… Sacrifice, big, causing the seniors they don’t agree. When we share, I found out that he did not see the integrity of the law. So, with repentance and respect, the law will be completely read again. The study is very important. The respectful heart experience, found that this is a very important problem — if not the Buddha give up what I practice will eventually stop, settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. It is our home, shelter, warmth, let us provide a safe place? Do we really have the courage to face the truth of our family? Careful observation and thinking, the relationship between family members because of the blood relationship, in the end is what kind of? Why is the family, there will be between the brothers against each other, there will be a rift between father and son, there will be between parents and children?…… Home, originally built on the blood relationship, the material, wealth, feelings of the common "possession""! Possession, to see the word, suddenly like an electric shock – possession is a kind of greedy performance. Control their own lives, parents, partners, children, brothers, whether there is emotional greed, the form of expression? To parents, not always expect them to understand and care for themselves, to make up for the neglect of their childhood? Is not in the heart of selfish expectations of their success, so as not to cause trouble in their lives? To his partner, is not always nervous his mysterious whereabouts? It is not for this experience to eat, sleep well? To the child, not always care about other people’s evaluation of him? Not obedient, always expect him to love? For the material, not very concerned about their flawless and perfect? Have you ever worried about the financial crisis and instability?…… This is from the "I" point of view, resulting in a series of "greedy" performance. Each of us is not the case? Observe the parents, observe the partner, observe the child, observe all around…… Why do we live like this? For generations, this is the cycle. What is the meaning of this life? Is it simply the reproduction of life? But in today’s world, people in extreme damage to their own living environment, like the ostrich head buried in the sand, no time to look at your situation, but in weaving a dream for their own self deception…… Home is the place where our karma appears. And I have to pay for the dedication and efforts, nothing more than in the reincarnation of the addition of illusory material. The feelings of the stick between family members, is a kind of ignorance — ego, greed. Think about it, sometimes appear between study and family problems, in fact we are in pursuit of awakening and the way!相关的主题文章:

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