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By , November 19, 2017 4:05 pm

The payment service CEO well Yin Dong: the annual double 11 is the financial services and technology Sohu – Sohu science and technology article Cui Peng November 11th ant gold suit CEO well Yin Dong said in the 11 Tmall double event, "this year to zero after ninth minutes, a new world record two pay peak born successively, 120 thousand pen / sec that is the total payment peak, which is 1.4 times that of last year; 54 thousand pen / sec, is the coordination of the global banking payment transactions reached peak, which is two times last year, the total number of transactions 870 million pen is 1.2 times last year. Ali side said that this year, the flow of 11 double all the activities of the independent research and development of Ali cloud computing system, as well as OceanBase database bearer. In addition to serving Tmall Taobao, the Ant King Services jointly with nearly 200 domestic and foreign financial institutions, payment organizations to provide services for other more electronic business platform. Well Yin Dong said that the year 11 is a pair of various financial services, has withstood the test of the popularization. This year there are many new trends that deserve attention. Like Bai users 60% people, never use credit cards, including 7 million 400 thousand in the use of flowers into the chant, credit card users. Flowers chant user is also very young, 38.3% is 80, 90 is 47.5%; China all 90 young people, out of every 4 to 1 open flowers. Consumers in the use of flower chanting, monthly consumption capacity of approximately 10% increased. The average monthly consumption of 1000 yuan in low-income groups, in the flower chanting pull, the monthly consumption amount increased by 50%. Taobao and Tmall platform has more than 2 million 400 thousand businesses opened flower chanting services, of which more than 1 million businesses opened flower stage. Well Yin Dong said that as of 11 pm 5 points, take Bai payment number more than 100 million pens in Tmall, double 11 carnival, take 21% of the proportion of the payment, the total transaction prize reached 22 billion 400 million, the payment success rate was 100%. In 11 before the start of the 9-10 month, commercial bank provides nearly 50 billion yuan loans to 133 small and medium-sized businesses, a single loan amount is 8332 yuan, the loan of many businesses from rural areas. The insurance business activity also this year than in previous years, as of 5 pm, the insurance consumption exceeded 470 million pens, equivalent to an average of 460 thousand per minute, guarantee the amount of over 18 billion 500 million yuan to cut the hand of the party who. In this year 11 activities, in addition to domestic overseas users, users can also use the Alipay in Tmall, Taobao or Ali aliexpress transactions, Alipay’s "global global payment" currently has support for more than and 200 countries and regions, consumers and businesses. Most users include Russia, the United States, Spain, France, Brazil. Alipay’s "global global payment" now supports 18 kinds of currencies, including the US dollar, Hong Kong dollar, pound, euro and yen.相关的主题文章:

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