Former dean of West Anhui University, 910 thousand quarters of the stolen cash stolen in the dormito 高达08ms小队

By , November 19, 2017 4:03 pm

The former president of West Anhui University dormitory 910 thousand reservoir 3 times cash bribery stolen not reported loss – Beijing newspaper Wuhu (Anhui) in September 13, reporter Fan Tianjiao correspondent Wu Yihuo Wu Ying school dormitory bandits patronize 3 times, but the alarm when the president but didn’t dare mention the loss of cash, because the stolen money is the proceeds of bribery. Today, from Anhui Province, Wuhu City People’s Procuratorate prosecution of the West Anhui University, former deputy party secretary, director Xia Luping (department level) bribery case in Wuhu City Intermediate People’s court. Xia Luping 63 years old, before the incident has retired. According to the Wuhu city procuratorate accused, the 2005 Spring Festival the Spring Festival in 2011, his office served as president of the Xia Lu pinley and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of West Anhui University, many accept the Anhui Huali construction group company project manager, director of the Anhui Huaye engineering construction company Changsha Yi Jie of the trust, for the construction of the project of West Anhui University of engineering, engineering payment design changes and project final accounts to help, illegally accepting Sha Yijie’s appointed staff Huang Moumou given 910 thousand yuan. After the incident, the defendant Xia Luping on behalf of the families pay back all the money. In the trial, Xia Luping prosecutors alleged facts confessed. According to Xia Luping account, the bribery will put part of the money in a West Anhui University dormitory locker, although the dormitory had 3 stolen, but the report has not mentioned the fact that cash stolen. Xia Luping also said that the briber saw his power to send money, but they did not withstand the temptation to make a blunder now too late to regret. The court did not in court for sentencing.相关的主题文章:

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