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By , November 19, 2017 2:52 pm

Many people have caught a new scam! And free to see large – about – free to see the film was not released, but also to write reviews to make money? Recently in Shaanxi, Xi’an to work on the small fan encountered such a beautiful job, but it seems that the work is not easy to make a small fan not only make money, but also cheated more than 1600 yuan, in the end is how? Temptation: online recruitment reviewers threshold is not high not low pay 22 year old Xiao Fan has been looking for an easy job, therefore, she used to various recruitment website recruitment information. In the middle of October, a highly seductive recruitment message attracted her. "There are five types of recruitment, you can pick the space is quite large, I am interested in the film critic, reward each film should be based on the length of time to count." Not only in the major video websites to watch free movies, and recruitment requirements for review content is not high, 10 to 50 words can get paid 30 to 50 yuan per hour, and the heart of a small van immediately made contact each other. "No movie they have copyright, if we tell, said to pay a deposit of 199 yuan to 499 yuan, he said you paid more money will be more, the same movie people can take 10 you can take 15, and then he said it will return to you the." Scam: a variety of deposit to pay the other party disappeared without a trace after 499 yuan, according to the customer service provided by the small fan QQ number, but also with another so-called recruitment of administrative customer service contact. However, for a small range of work and not to send a single, but the variety of charges. After being recruited by the party has repeatedly received the so-called deposit, margin, the number of workers, such as a total of 1600 yuan, Xiao Fan was finally pulled into a QQ group, and then no longer below. Aware of being cheated by the van immediately reported to the police. Tip: there is no post on the job seekers who want to be cautious in the small fan alarm, there are people in the QQ group with her made contact. After mutual confirmation, at least 27 people have been called this part-time job as a film critic of the fraud, the victims in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Jiangsu and other places. They are the least cheated on a hundred dollars, up to more than 3000 yuan cheated. Experts advise, job seekers in the absence of induction, on behalf of the company in the name of money, must be careful to find problems in a timely manner to the relevant departments to report, to avoid greater losses.相关的主题文章:

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